How a Gang Hunted and Killed a 15 Year Old in the Bronx | NYT – Visual Investigations

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How a Gang Hunted and Killed a 15 Year Old in the Bronx | NYT – Visual Investigations
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a group of gang members are machetes and knives a teenager hunted down and drag from a New York city Bottega then swarmed by attackers outside The Vicious murder in June of the Sandra Guzman please just blocked from his Bronx home through outrage from across the city and Beyond the incident reveal the tactics of a gun called The trinitarios clearing Paradox historically low crime rates in New York police are still struggling to contain brutal violence in some neighborhoods and rumors and speculation 15 year old boy Jr we obtain footage from multiple security cameras on cell phones we talked to police sources family members and other Witnesses our investigation Grace’s Junior’s last steps uncovers new details then I answer why he was targeted it’s Wednesday June 20th on summer break from school leaving home to meet his friend Jason Velez at this corner by chatting and listening to hip-hop passing near his home he was walking towards Adams Place a small Street about 5 minutes away that’s known for gang activity friends and family told us that Jr wasn’t in a gang and the police have no such indication but some of his friends were and he had been hanging out with them out of this place recently on his way there jr. was in touch with this friend who lives out of place according to either the friend says he told you you’re not to come over because it was late as 11:35 a security camera film for cars driving slowly past the stoop for juniors friend and some others were sitting the friend says they felt things were getting dicey and went inside the car is briefly stop at this intersection and then turn left in the direction of Junior spot according to police Fox Junior Anton’s him Junior begins to run and the cars give Chase the car has been split up and appear to surround him it’s 11:37 Junior rushes into this Bodega it’s one block from his home he tries to hide behind the counter but it’s too late one man identified by prosecutors as Jose Tavarez Junior he’s been charged with these crime he leaves immediately three other men enter police if I don’t find them as Daniel Fernandez Kevin Alvarez and Michael so serious with nothing Charleston relationship Junior’s killing at least some good night these next two things are hard to watch that we’ve up Stewart some graphic part Junior and the bodega owner appear to have an exchange with Kevin Alvarez before then he’s drag from the bodega and brutally stabbed by a swarm of attackers according to prosecutors Jose moon is First Tax Junior with a machete then Alvin Garcia Who police say the same here wearing a mask Manuel Rivera is accused of repeatedly stabbing Junior Antonio Santiago from this other angle prosecutors say that your Nikki Martinez give the face of sub in juniors neck five other people have been arrested and accused of involvement in the crime all of the men charged so pleaded not guilty it’s 11:39 Jr stumbles back into the bodega leaving a trail of Blood on the floor but the owner appears to direct him away jr. gestures for someone to call nine-one-one then he starts running to st. Barnabas Hospital just block the way he makes it to the entrance of the hospital before collapsing they are under investigation for failing to help just 20 minutes later jr. is pronounced dead as a result of a stab wound to the neck follows a pattern of attacks by trinitario a Dominican guy that was born in New York prisons in recent months of spiked actions at least 10 other people have been named the summary attacks in the Bronx just two days before jr. was killed a fourteen-year-old was seriously injured in this attack the night before Junior’s friend had been attacked by a rival faction and allegedly turns to Junior for help is that why jr. was targeted we don’t know but deleting police theory is the attackers mistakenly leave Junior was in a rival gang but we do know is that for junior like many teenagers growing up in gang affected areas there’s a fine line between hanging out on the streets I’m getting caught up in deadly violence
The murder of 15-year-old Lesandro Guzman-Feliz, known as “Junior,” drew outrage from across the city. Our investigation retraces his last steps — and reveals how a recent wave of violence in the Bronx took the life of a boy just two blocks from his home.

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