How a Group of Women in This Small Alabama Town Perfected the Art of Quilting | Op-Docs

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How a Group of Women in This Small Alabama Town Perfected the Art of Quilting | Op-Docs
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How a Group of Women in This Small Alabama Town Perfected the Art of Quilting | Op-Docs
Have you ever paid trees any attention? Some of them are light green, dark, green, green, a green yellowish green. They have a glimmer in it and I call it silver because it’d be wavy. I don’t want nobody to it sometime at night when I’m laying down in the bed I’m Dreaming by something – and I am I passing my paper beside the bed – and I this is that out on Facebook, I’m go home, which is something to keep your mind occupied The style for your children, you want to make me a queen, but first I wanted to leave home, but then, when I got older, I begin to like it a little more and then I begin to fall in love with it. The biggest semi challenging was farming. I pick Cod, I didn’t like it not at all, but it was life had to do what we had to do to make a living. When my parents finish their form, then we go over and help. I have a neighbor that their Farm we just work together. I started cooking today, just six, would you believe that I was only girl, but Mom gave all of her brothers? I joined the kitchen she made them, learn how to cook, because she told him you might not get a wife, and at least you know how to cook. Don’T that make it perfectly good sense. These Ben Alabama Community get over there. You have to go 50 miles of shop but to live in a community where everybody knows everybody, that’s a good thing. I Am SE pettway already called me to turn on pettway. My name is: may relieve been dog, but most people call me read if one not related to the other related to the other one. We all know one another. My momma died when I was 4 in my grandparents. They don’t want to raise me. My grandbaby said: stop walking, I just jumped up and went to run, and so that’s why they called me rev up. I was so fast. My grandmother taught me how to quit his keep me tawkify from doing a little thing that I might not need to be doing so it like that. That’S what you call I stopped here. I went to New York and stay for 2 weeks, but I came back and I’ve been here ever since I remember when my mom and my grandma and their neighbors used to come by to pull together and I used to sit there and look up under the Quilt and wonder how they was going up and down up and down with that needle when I wasn’t even sticking their fingers, but it was real exciting to see that as a child – and I said when I get older, I’m going to make me a lots of Quilts so I can have the keep my kids warm. They would teach us when we were under the quilt listening to them, talking to God about their children, how they wanted them to grow up and be men’s and women’s so to love their children and teach them the value of life. They understood for the worlds about family it. Somehow you working alone, where you feel old, piece of material with the pick it up and run home and give it to my she put it in a quilt old, blue jeans, and I just took them in and cut them off and turn it into a quilt. Teavana night, at the way you do, I do all martian on my hand, and so I have a sewing machine, but I don’t know I usually when I have the years Vanguard station. But I’m doing my quote, my mind is totally into it and I don’t have to be perfect. It give you a piece of mine can take time out and talk to God and say thank you for two. Okay. There we go here, we go. I get to make the decision of whether I want to put this in there or take it out and if nobody else like it’s, so what be going on my bed, because it’s mine, no sweetheart When We Were Young, we work the whole shoot. I would get school, that’s not true, but the rest of the people working in fees. You know one picking, cotton and stuff like that. We was living on a white man page that that time we didn’t want to live in the same old. What you want to move? I did, I know what everybody’s going to do, but I want to do better things. I went to large in the Civil Rights Movement, I didn’t know the police and everything was there taking people to jail for beating them and all that kind of stuff. I really wanted to become a registered voter. You can do something it’s okay now, but not like it should be. I was always held back because of where I came from. My mother was who my father was, but I realized I am somebody I can do anything that I put wanted to do it. It makes me feel great about never thought Wilson being know, Museum, no way, didn’t my picture ready to start – and this is is it just – was a joy to see it just like something just first, because I never thought that it would be an art world. People would think that was beautiful, there’s something we’ve done could be shown all over the world and people get joy out of it. I just love it CBC joy in different quilt. I just love to see my beautiful quill hanging up there. I don’t know what happened to him, but ask me: was it all right for him to survive? We going to leave this all behind one day: it’s not ours. In the beginning, we just when borrowing it for the time we are here. Tango,
This week we bring you “While I Yet Live,” Maris Curran’s beautiful, immersive film about a group of master quilters in the small town of Gee’s Bend, Ala. Curran paints a tender portrait of a tightly-bound community of African-American women and how they integrate craft, faith and family into their art. The results are spectacular.

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