How a Vortex Helps Dandelions Fly | ScienceTake

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How a Vortex Helps Dandelions Fly | ScienceTake
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How a Vortex Helps Dandelions Fly | ScienceTake
Now, there’s a familiar bit of everyday Wonder: dandelion seeds, in-flight just blow on a dandelion had separated drift off a block a mile, maybe 50 miles. So how did they do it? Scientist knew that it all depended on the intricate structure of the seeds, fluffy top known as a Pappas, but how did it work like a balloon or a wing or something completely different? Define. Researchers use the small WindTunnel to mimic a falling said. They recorded in great detail how the airflow, through in a round the Papas what they discovered, was a vortex never-seen-before in nature, moved around and through the parachute, like top of the dandelion seed. The complex interaction of air currents eventually formed a Vortex and that’s where all their created, a low pressure area that helped hold the seat up, allowing it to travel long distances on the Wind to test the idea that empty space was the key to the vortec. The scientist constructed artificial dandelion seeds, tiny silicone disk with lots of empty space, sure enough the exact same understanding how the complexities of airflow support the flight of dandelion seeds Crawford Clues on how to create miniscule, drones, so-called smart dust, but just for now you can think Of dandelion seeds at flying at the intersection of efficiency and Judy
Scientists from the University of Edinburgh have discovered the secret to dandelion flight: a vortex of air previously unseen in nature. Find out more about this previously undiscovered air current and how it helps to carry dandelion seeds across great distances.

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