How Alex Jones Makes Money | NYT News

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How Alex Jones Makes Money | NYT News
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free talk show host Alex Jones the revolution starts not with a bang or whimper but with Tangy Tangerine the products we use their about preparedness that’s how we fund this revolution against the New World Order like a barely Carnival Barker he wants posted that Tammy Tangerine weight loss supplement allowed him to shed 37lb just two months it’s just one of the products Jones has Hawks in the past to fund his media Empire Infowars and to bankroll his at times lavish lifestyle today he sells a number of items ranging from freeze dryers called testosterone boosters for men in need of a little something extra to fight the globalist agenda and don’t forget the fish oil 2014 Jones’s business had revenues of more than 20 million dollars made Jones and millionaire is his ability to merge his bizarre claims with his merchandise the apocalypse required Debbie Infowars store can readily Supply his customers Buy in and then they buy jumped out the coming Armageddon conveniently she also sells body armor and components for homemade guns another to help pedal his products like chiropractor Edward group accused the government of putting fluoride in drinking water knowing it was a deadly poison and they can also make sauce from higher consciousness they’re super male Vitality free men prowess comes at a cost document show Jones has sold at a 20% markup where he bought it for around 15 he sells it for around 70 the millions of dollars is spent on these products a wealthy man but his vitriolic rhetoric and Crock-Pot series like at the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax and resulted in various lawsuits most Twitter has permanently banned Jones Infowars for violating their abusive Behavior policy despite the setbacks Jones continues to see it Against the Machine presumably not without the help of his survival Shield
Fans of Infowars don’t just buy into the conspiracy theories peddled by Alex Jones, they actually buy his products. Mr. Jones has amassed a fortune by pitching health products and weapons components as antidotes to the frightening worldview he broadcasts.

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