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answer grape tunnelers that’s how they make their nest underground but even they run into traffic jams like this one here that’s not surprising but the solution is experiments with fire show that the key to avoiding jams and solving ones that do occur is idleness 30% of the ants do 70% of the work and that turns out to be ideal add more ants to the working pool and proud Tiffany suffers it’s not that any particular answer lazy or that they know how to avoid jams completely ants do pile up but they’re easily discouraged by a jam and good at backing up and turning around allowing the remaining workers to continue digging some of the ants don’t even go near the tongue the researchers tested their ideas about optimal and behavior using robots and magnetized sphere with simple instructions to gather the Spheres the robots to work at the same time the result gridlock is programmed in the robots were more productive here you can see the original group versus ones program to think more like ants in the real world this kind of probe could make robots forms more effective at searching disaster sites or delivering drugs inside the body so why don’t ants just make wider tunnels with more room for digging well here’s what happens in a wider tunnel sometimes it’s hard to hang onto besides and sometimes they completely lose their grip how embarrassing
Fire ants have a lesson for humans on how to be more productive: Less is more. Here’s the ingenious trick the insects deploy for maximizing efficiency.

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