How Balloons Pop | ScienceTake

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How Balloons Pop | ScienceTake
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How Balloons Pop | ScienceTake
Watch what happens to this weather balloon boy? Look at this photograph of another balloon in mid burst this image caught the eye of a French who wanted to know more about exactly what happens when balloons explode, he’s head of a latex balloon, a blade and a high speed camera he inflated the balloon until it Hit the blade and the blade was said it different positions at lower levels of inflation, the balloon split along one or two cracks, but there was an inflation threshold and at that point the number of splits jumped for above that threshold as inflation in the tension in The latex increased the number of cracks did to 210, 30 or 40. The equations that describe this process will hold true for other, like glass, plenty of reasons to know how glass shatters popping balloons, sometimes
Scientists analyzed how balloons explode by watching cracks spread through a bursting balloon in slow motion. Find out more in this 2015 episode of ScienceTake.

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