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two Russians have been accused of an assassination attempt using a nerve agent called Nova chalk the target was sergey’s grip of a former Russian spy living in Britain he’s sitting here in a local shop days before he was targeted so seriously ill from exposure to Naugatuck but survived security footage police to track the two suspected as they entered Britain and scoped out their target over two days March 2nd they fly Moscow to London Gatwick Airport they check into a hotel in East London March 3rd they take public transport to Salisbury for mr. scrap outlived they stake out their target for several hours fourth the return to solsberry by train minutes later I camera films in walking past this gas station just a short walk to mr. scrape out home this was moment before they’re attack please say they’re trying the nerve agent in a perfume bottle it’s been sprayed on the front door handle of mr. scribbles house soon after the manner seem returning to Salisbury train station their last seen that evening at Heathrow Airport at 10:30 p.m. they leave London from Moscow by then Mr Square palabras daughter haven’t found unresponsive on a park bench they were hospitalized and eventually recovered months later to Salisbury red bounce the discarded perfume bottle ever also hospitalized don’t Sturges died from exposure at her partner
British investigators used security footage and flight records to track two Russian men who now stand accused of attempted murder in the March attack featuring the nerve agent Novichok.

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