How Bruce Lee changed Hollywood

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How Bruce Lee changed Hollywood
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with Bruce Lee you have this 1-0 figure who was obviously incredible martial artist defend themselves can rescue people and that’s what helped put Usher in an age of martial arts in American movies but also the United States before I think Charlie Chan which was more like model minority kind of characters or you have like the foomanchew characters which are the yellow Peril and villain characters my objective whether interesting things about humans from Matthew Hollis New biography of Bruce Lee alive he mentioned how Lee didn’t want to take part in which he had a pigtail in like westerns and even when he did get rolls like when he was cast as Kato in the Green Hornet television series he hoarding the poly have pushed hard to make sure that his will wasn’t at just like a house boy he wanted to be no some ways an equal partner with the Green Hornet character their pussy just had with that have natius attitude is always been very rebellious and very much a spider and that he brought that same attitude in the sense of defiance Hollywood and sustained keratin through all these hard times when you know he just you know couldn’t get rolls or you know that’s kind of rejection at the time there was just no desire really to have like a child Asian a leading man and so he actually had come back to Hong Kong where they have been showing the Green Hornet and he has been very popular and in that created opportunity for him to film and make some movies over there which when they saw a few of them were imported here and they’re shown in the computers. Very popular and then as you know he produces American Producers I saw that you have people willing to watch him in these of Kung Fu film they decide that they also want Warner Brother is having wins in the work with Golden Harvest produce Enter the Dragon which is his breakthrough film he died for the film came out in theaters but he has seen a rough cut and I think they knew what was coming
Bruce Lee created the genre of martial arts movies in America despite setbacks and initial rejections. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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