How could the Trump administration combat America’s opioid crisis?

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How could the Trump administration combat America’s opioid crisis?
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How could the Trump administration combat America’s opioid crisis?
Among the issues impacting Veteran’s is drug addiction and one of the focal points of President Trump’s Administration has been battling. The opioid crisis, the most recent data from 2017 by the CDC, show drug overdoses killed more than set 3000 people in the US, a record-high that includes 28,000 deaths from fentanyl or similar drugs that we’re looking at how one city hurt by the epidemic Dayton. Ohio has responded, what covers the opioid crisis, she’s and investigative reporter for the Dayton Daily News K thanks so much for joining us over the last year. What has Dayton done to combat the opioid epidemic and what have been some of the results address issues as quickly as they’d come up, send friends of addicts having it as well and knowing how to use it in the number of overdose. In 2016, we lost 64000 Americans to drug overdoses, 174 deaths per day 7 per hour. We must get drug dealers and pushes if we are going to succeed in stopping this Gorge. What is the federal government’s focus on law enforcement expected inciting the opioid crisis? Really? What was was leading to a lot of the desk, but, yes, I mean Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown at work. They both had pieces. We have these babies and we need to have a you’ve been looking at this for five sometime now the bottom line here. What seems to work when it comes to combating opioid addiction is as a a Public. Health crisis is really the model that they’re using as if there were some sort of outbreak. Maybe you suffering from an addiction is immediately thinking. How can I help this person get into treatment to get get the services that they need instead of arresting them, instead of throwing them in jail, Tremont all right, Katie Weddell. Thank you. So much for your time. Katie
Investigative reporter Kate Wedell joins CBSN to discuss her thoughts on the Trump administration’s approach to the opioid crisis, and some of the successes she has seen in Dayton, Ohio.

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