How did female voters impact the midterm elections?

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How did female voters impact the midterm elections?
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How did female voters impact the midterm elections?
Conditions and it’s important that they have health care coverage. I think President Trump is doing terribly and I, like President Trump, I pray for my president, everyday. I don’t like him. I vote for character. I think he has none all right. Those are just some of the voices of women who voted in the midterm elections. With more on this, I want to bring a Nicole Bauer. She is a political science, professor at Louisiana State, University and she’s in Baton Rouge this morning, good morning, preciate you being on our program, so the Democrats specifically were putting on women coming out to there a lot of female candidates. What role did the female vote play in yesterday’s midterms that women, when they women, don’t necessarily vote for women candidates? We saw a lot of devices. Women of color are the voting blocs that secured a lot of Victories for Democratic with minute I’m, and so we saw device between women of color and white women who turned out college educated, an oncology, educated women where we again see you to buy so voters certainly Have power, but it’s not how her that is guaranteed for one? What about the candidates? Congressman and Senators they’ve been voted in in record numbers? How will this change the landscape in Washington, women in the house and the Senate have the ability to help shift the policy agenda of the democratic party and the policy agenda of the house to focus more on issues like health care and other policies that disproportionately affect The lies of women on these women also have the ability and we’ve seen evidence that women are more likely to support. Bipartisanship compromise start producing policy outcomes, and so these freshmen women can start to help put some of these different process processes in place and Congress over into the Senate. Where Republicans have only grow in their lie on you know, I will have 23 24 24 women and the Sun at which is a record high, but the Landscapes very different Four Women in this planet, with how it functions on two Democratic women lost their seats. Last night, and and so you have the ability of women to change things in the sun, it’s really different with partisan, / they’re all right, Nicole Bauer she’s a political science professor at Louisiana state. Thank you so much
Political science professor Nichole Bauer says women of colour are ‘key voting blocks’ that secured a lot of victories for Democratic women.

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