How Dogs Took Over the Internet and Why Cats Must Rebel | Internetting Season 2

cat videos are so popular on the internet that they have become Universal shorthand for the internet itself cats are the mascots of being online are the epitome of distracting useless and comforting all of the internet is at its best and at its worst massage or at least that’s how we used to think of the internet because lately dogs are taking over the online rivalry between cats and dogs plays out like a battle for the soul of the internet think about Twitter where every dog is a very very good boy and every cat is hell-bent on destroying civilization for YouTube where we watch cats talks are humans and humans Shane their dogs did you do that when pet turns its owner into pray and the other coward to Authority looking guilty as if exhibiting a kind of human moral compass know where is is dynamiclear than in the differences between two of Japan’s most are pets are the dog or the cat one of them is a happy-go-lucky man-about-town and the other is a sewing weirdo who lived out his days attempting to fit his be into a series of Impractical containers of course when we talk about the rise of dogs on the internet we’re not just talking about pets we’re talking about us think about it movies and TV shows have traditionally had a very strong preference for dogs because they can be trained but even if Cats Could Be Tamed they wouldn’t agree to it child uncultured disobedient sides the stuff we Google late at night when nobody else is watching they are the chaos agents of the animal kingdom cat aggressive it’s in an in a sexual way I like a dog a cat couldn’t actually kill you cats represent chaos without any consequences or just kind of the way we’ve been taught to think about the internet for a long time as I kind of political playgrounds where crazy stuff happens the one that’s completely divorced from the serious concerns of real life of dogs online tells us something about how the internet itself changing we used to experience Cats online through janki message boards populated with memes and viral YouTube videos passed around by our friends today’s internet though is starting to look more and more like old media which big companies imposing order offering convenience and extracting Optimum value social media in a way that cats just won’t maybe it’s not a surprise that we’re also increasingly turning to dog content at a time when social norms are degrading civil institutions are crumbling and the weird antisocial activities that I’ve been on the internet has effects on real life too sometimes terrifying run the lawlessness of cat like the internet itself is no longer comforting loyal docile dog to do what they’re told can get along with people and wear bow ties that’s comforting now we’re even starting to see a rise in the popularity of Internet cats who act like dogs Adventure cats who hike with their owners trudge through the snow and swim like in water we like these cat dogs for the same reason we’re drawn to images of animals acting like human beings getting haircuts and taking showers or animal to act against instinct to make friends with one another these videos were like the hope that we can restore order to the internet Ringgit in an integrated into Civil Society so we can literally take Internet culture and put it on a leash look I get it but let’s not punish cats distance to the internet this is about us not them or Birds liter answer in the comments
Dogs are order. Cats are chaos. Dogs are loyal and compliant. Cats are … not. Why has the internet suddenly switched its allegiance?

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