How Elite Nigerian Soldiers Massacred Unarmed Religious Marchers | NYT – Visual Investigations

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How Elite Nigerian Soldiers Massacred Unarmed Religious Marchers | NYT – Visual Investigations
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How Elite Nigerian Soldiers Massacred Unarmed Religious Marchers | NYT – Visual Investigations
Soldiers shooting into a crowd beating on arms, men and women, I’m striking them away. These are not seen from a warzone, but from a religious march on protest in Nigeria October. They show a military unit, killing and injuring dozens of members of a religious organization. Crosby Islamic movement in Nigeria, the ministry says: he’s acted in self-defense, just collected from Witnesses and fly away with us first. What is the Islamic movement in Nigeria who feel discriminated against the Nigerian Constitution? They’Re tiny minority? The country is mostly Christian and Sunni Muslim, but the government fears that their political activism, but mostly peaceful, could Stoke on Rust. They gathered in Nigeria’s capital Abuja for an annual religious procession, Tiara Bean pilgrimage, it’s a symbolic ceremony, that’s Muslims around and in Nigeria, women and children participate, but they’re also demanding the release of their leader. Sheikh Ibrahim zakzaky he’s been detained for 3 years since the government, the spice of court order to release him it’s Monday October 29th. The group said I was from east of the capital of already March for a day and a half without incident until it reached checkpoint on the outskirts of Abuja. It’S a security measure, Boko Haram, I talked to checkpoint video, show us the traffic is Flowing freely along the highway until the military seals it off with a barricade. The unseen footage, the processions organizers here in bright safety, vest approach. The checkpoint, Abdullahi Musa was one of them. Let’S watch the seen again cuz that man is being shot. Other soldiers Rush on fire more rounds, sending the crowd into a frenzy, more soldiers arrived and the shooting continues. The military said its soldiers were attacked with firearms. In rock, we see some protesters, throw rocks, Novus be soldiers, do not take cover from gunfire for most of the incident is standing, the open continue to fire into the procession in Tucson short-range and then chased them archers. Shooting at them, even as they retreat in the crowd people take cover. As bullets fly, past sommar carried away with horrific injuries because they indicate a high caliber weapon was used. A warning Church of quite gruesome word. Parts of them have their limbs completely blown off. Please or Battlefield wounds are caused by Battlefield. Weapons receive one right here. Top this vehicle is a heavy machine gun 50 caliber rounds. As seen in this archival footage. It’S a weapon normally used in war zones, not to police civilians. Later we see the dead and injured lying on the road, but no ambulances appear to have arrived at the scene. A few unarmed, Marchers return and stand in Defiance. Protester holds one of the injured to raise his fist. Soldiers approached them from a truck and begin brutally. Beating them are flung into the back of the vehicle locked, some more and driven away. The ministry said three people were killed that day, but we counted at least two dozen bodies in fight photos and videos. Witnesses told us that 39 people were killed in hospitals. We saw more than 40 on survivors of that weekend. Violence, a bullet shattered this 16 year old girl, like an injury., Her family, said, is likely to restrict your movement for the rest of her life. Others were shot in the stomach and in the back as they fled, some were shot in the head. What military unit was responsible for this? Let’S take a second look at this gun truck. It belongs to the guards Brigade Annalise password, protecting Nigeria’s president muhammadu buhari is the capital of Russia moving toward the Marchers and chasing after the crowd, as it retreats and more soldiers from the presidential guard arrived after. The attack they’re wearing its Insignia. This logo, on the back of the truck, tells us there, the 7th Battalion it’s one of five units within the guard, whose Commander reports directly to the head of Nigeria’s armed forces and also coordinate with the president’s top stuff. It’S a short chain of command to the head of state. What happened in Abuja is not an isolated incident. In 2015, the Army shot and killed nearly 350 members of the same group and dumped their bodies in a mass grave. A Judicial panel recommended that soldier’s be disciplined, but nothing happens two days before again in a proof of fashion. In a phone interview with the X military spokesman, John eigen didn’t deny the killings, he insisted the Marchers in occupy the capital attacked. The checkpoint has had to be stopped under international law, used only to protect to break up protests. Our analysis shows this threshold was not, but with no accountability. The message is clear: the President’s Men are free to act as they please.
Nigeria’s military said it acted in self-defense. Our visual investigation shows that this claim doesn’t hold up, and reveals how an elite military unit used machine guns on unarmed marchers in October, killing dozens.

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