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Lassie would certainly free this suffering dog owner from her little cubicle but what about Ralph the Pug he’s one of $34 that face the similar test of empathy and it was cool the same problem what to do about an owner apparently trapped behind an easily Open Door the dogs reacted in all sorts of ways son became anxious and circled the room repeatedly others headed to a door at the back of the room where the researchers were perhaps hoping for some human help others just stared some dog owners cried indicating disc but others hump pinkle Twinkle Little Star and said help in a tone that carried no emotion some of the dogs like Porky were so anxious but that may have even interfere ability to act she was one of the dogs that didn’t complete the test as was the case with several others overall more than half the dogs open the door dogs with crying owners didn’t do any better than the ones with Cam owners but speed told a different story the dog was crying owners open the door 3 times as fast what happened of course not never underestimate a pug
An experiment involving 34 dogs of various breeds tested whether they would push through a magnetically sealed door to “save” their owners. The canine participants included Ralph, the pug; Kiki, the Labrador retriever and KOOZA! – in all caps – an American Eskimo dog.

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