How Europe Outsources Migrant Suffering at Sea | NYT Opinion

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How Europe Outsources Migrant Suffering at Sea | NYT Opinion
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How Europe Outsources Migrant Suffering at Sea | NYT Opinion
Disney November 6th 2017, around 150 Mi Leaf Tripoli aboard a flimsy raft, desperate to reach Europe and start new lives. Many of them will drown the result of decisions made by politicians far away in European capitals, violence and economic desperation in sub-Saharan Africa and wants Olivia. They face new dangers like torture and human trafficking, but you escaped to Europe Safety First cross, the Mediterranean Sea, dangerously overcrowded and fragile rats. Many people reveals shooting gun indiscriminately over the next 8 hours as he becomes rough ER and the raft starts taking on water. Many passengers fall into the sea. Some life jackets keep away screaming away. Shouting people crying. The Italians then alerts All Ships in the area to the raft approximate location they also contact their go-to partner, the Libyan Coast, Guard by the time anyone arrives. The migrant craft is just outside of the US Waters. In 2016, the European Union and Italy made an Abrupt decision to Outsource rescue operations here to a new partner in the Libyan Coast Guard it’s a policy with deadly consequences. Together the research groups, forensic oceanography and forensic architecture, we reconstructed the events of November 6th to show you how this one decision cost at least 20 lives on a single day. Two hours after being contact are the Europeans. The Libyan Coast Guard vessel, arrives first on scene, so we can go into the water you have learned to Mike and spaces protected from retaliation flute to Notre Dame are going. Some migrants are Pulled Under people with Barry the whips Acme in the world and me far away to what I saw everything I saw in doing the people, drowning wig shops in ice cream. Making videos come in so I was like what was going on and then I just saw a sheep painted in blue The Roots watch gently gently: this Sea Watch, a German humanitarian rescue operation they’ve also been contacted by the Italians and arrived a few minutes after the Libyans Seawatch position themselves at a safe distance. Seawatch is also recording with nine video cameras and photos, because the Libyan Coast Guard has a history of violence towards volunteer rescue groups. They quickly dispatched their small speed boats to reach victims. What’S this situation, they also want us about the present of the living Coast Guard. They told me that I should tell the crew to be careful and that we should take all measures against aggressions from the living Coast Guard. What’S the first thing, coming to my mind, I like okay, what are the intentions? Are they letting us rescue the people or are they going to practice today in going to attack us with weapons? As my crew saved? In this moment, Skateaway Seawatch immediately starts making split-second decisions about who directed first, it’s impossible to reach everyone at once. I’M paramedic rescue situation, a lot of different things in the water and then okay. If somebody’s, we have to go dead DirecTV now people normally come swim. Long is like a thing of 30 seconds, maybe a minute cuz. It’S me. I was alone far away when you see which locate me I’m lucky, I didn’t think I’m going to make it after we die. There was so much people in the water we try to rescue all of them, but the distance between them. At this moment the frame shows at least now people in immediate need of assistance. Many more are out of view. One of the rescued migrants jumped in to save me, but it’s too late mean, while the libyans continue to hinder rather and help the rescue operation and if you’re wondering why the libyans even show up at all, it’s mainly to fulfill a deal with the EU that Keeps funding and resources coming their way. Saving lives doesn’t seem to be at the top of their list for like 12 soldiers, what does standing down but screaming, try to communicate with, and they should just be silent when the scientists here with other people screaming it’s part of a long-standing pattern, threatened humanitarian workers. This is Europe’s preferred partner in action. The living’s have even boarded other ngos ships by force and fired on them these past and said on the minds of Sea Watch as they approach the libyans on November 6th directions from Philippians deceptive threatening to shoot us. They may signs like this and like holding like weapons like this object and potatoes at the Seawatch crew. It’S only a potato. It’S like a very physical attack on on on one of our crew members, and that makes me very angry filling in the gaps. The incompetence of the libyans rescue efforts was on full display, can’t do anything because they have no capability of taking people who already in the water to the ship to sink his life could be saved. If the libyans deployed the raft mounted on their vessel, but they claim it’s broken, they throw life jackets, but it’s not enough. He grounds there like for decoration, another rescue boat. It’S just that. I don’t have to speak. Both they don’t have a medical treatment area. They don’t have to close there’s no times for good Rescue. Bots countries were still leading rescue efforts between 2013 and 2014, Italy alone save more than 100,000 one, but then everything changed. Nashua, an anti-immigrant fervor spikes to Europe decided to stop the flow of migrants at any cost without getting it 10:30. It’S a cynical Solutions. Outsourcing the responsibility to the Coast Guard is essentially a failed State. The EU provides bolivians with millions and equipment and training. It’S me even helped repair the very ship used in this rescue and paraded in front of the media to make it seem like they solve the crisis, but they haven’t ate of the Thirteen libyans Manning the November. 6Th rescue received training, including on human rights, are vessel. Many migrants frantically jump back into the water, even though some can’t swim number train station with dying woman. This man jumps from the ship he clings to the ladder. Bolivian ship still takes off, ignoring all teeth to stop an Italian Navy helicopter realizes their Partners have gone too far and intervene. Only then do the libyans pull him back on board fate of those who survived hinges on which boat they end up on those recipe by Tia watch will be taken to safety, while those on the Libyan boat are taken to detention centers where migrants are often beaten, Raped held for ransom or sold for slave labor do guys. Wear with me just got it was captured by the migrants were brought back to Libya and we interview them by phone cellu or trade. You two other groups where they were hiding and are you safe now? Even though it’s dandruff eventually escaped the other remains trapped in Libya, it’s Nichols, murder, Indiana European. All we can kill people at our border, but if living is to that it’s Lydia and it’s Africa and then we are Africa’s a sad story and then we can live with that. But still it’s European money, who’s leading to people drowning in the Motrin see every European citizen should be very upset actually with this kind of approach of tolerance and human rights, but its actions tell a different story. You know my wish to grow by drinking no matter which I just want where I want Sifty Sifty is what I’m looking for leading to the European Union to do more to please to do more to us it to assist and to know to see if it Was like
European countries are outsourcing their humanitarian responsibilities to a dubious partner. Our investigation shows the deadly results.

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