How European prisons are racing to stop radicalization

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How European prisons are racing to stop radicalization
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I’m so glad McKenna to National Security reporter for the Washington Post I’ve been covering Global terrorism since September 11th tracing the rules of the Mormon jihadist movement I’ve seen run through much of my reporting is thorough prisons play in creating terrorist the two brothers who attacked the Paris offices of the satirical magazine Charlie hebdo in 2015 where radicalized in prison so was the ringleader of the Isis style that kills hours of people in Paris in 2015 and members of the Belgian gank that bombed the Brussels Airport to following year jihadist networks in prisons are nothing new but since the attacks in Paris and Brussels and especially since the collapse of citizen Iraq and Syria European countries are getting tougher on returnees from the Islamic State trying to keep the increasingly crowded prisons from becoming training centers for the next generation of terrorists in Belgium I saw a the program that separates the most dangerous islamist from other prisoners officials at other institutions disagree with this approach they argue it doesn’t help and could even make matters worse Vietnam genetically others in one facility in Frankfort a God showed me what he can learn about a prisoner by what’s in his bag he sits through inmates prayer beads sneakers and homemade cities colon Physicians I’m not the least of 2 good doctors talentless would intensify by Spenzo cancel and try this is Sheila’s definition did your mom leave egg beating Titan left I’m not ticklish Spanish I met a German man who asked to be called Abu sahid in 2014 he tried to rob the store to get money to travel to Syria enjoying Isis but he was arrested and sent to prison I wish I had said his urge to go fight sprung out of video seesaw of pro-government forces abusing Syrian women and children Lance Davis Longs Austin can Keisha from and got in arguments with some of the prisoners that many office call the leaves have not changed he’s angry about what he sees as the mistreatment of Muslims in many parts of the world what’s the list let me take a flight to you as soon as I can get a suit scissors awesome TV shows dancing all of the facilities Revisited one question looms large is the radicalization even possible for the most extreme inmates I love you can get results on bottom to extend unbeaten some tile pieces that they are ecology over dolphin Kentucky telephone information for life in Bryce the article Against Time many of the jail to attorneys from the Islamic State will regain their freedom in his little best two years if these attempt to rehabilitate them fail the consequences proceeded adjective
The Post’s Souad Mekhennet visited four prisons in Belgium and Germany to see how officials are trying to stop Islamic State fighters returned from Syria and Iraq from recruiting fellow inmates. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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