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this is a good example of the kind of messages I get sent day-in-and-day-out your body is worthless indicating when your on camera you should turn around so everybody can see all of you but your husband entitled that’s like that Tom and the subject is your image projection on TV my personal immediate initial impression when I first saw you I thought your hair was your eyeglasses give you some ideas about a better and modern hairstyles shoot looking like what we expect which is the controversy sometimes but I feel like there’s a black woman do they definitely ask for is my child’s father is the evolved what does that have to do with whether or not I can get this Valentine particular friend of mine called from Germany he work for the German Parliament and they monitor message boards that are basically Nazi and your white supremacist and he said that because my announcement has been on German National Television there are a lot of threats against my life I think the reason women in politics what your idea of women are and should be and a lot of people say well you know they just say that online and I think you know there has to be a portion of them that really believes that you have to create a new normal and those of us who are kind of the the Frontline we tend to probably get a little bit more pushback but I don’t want to just be somebody who’s on my her ass because I am also working Sushi results and this could just be added to what I’m trying to do as a family y I hope the work I am doing another women are doing
The number of women running for office is surging. But for many, harassment and discrimination is a persistent reality. We spoke with six female candidates about how they have persevered.

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