How Gang Violence Drives Migrants Out of El Salvador | Dispatches

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How Gang Violence Drives Migrants Out of El Salvador | Dispatches
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How Gang Violence Drives Migrants Out of El Salvador | Dispatches
This is where the migrants return. Everyone here risk their lives to make it to the United States and failed now they’re back at this processing center in El Salvador, many have families to receive them.. Liam hadn’t seen his daughter in weeks willing to send you the back out again on a dangerous Journey. Why? Because it’s more dangerous here at home, she can’t even go to school safely. The migrants are quick meal pair of new shoes in a ride, then they’re thrown back into the same world that drove them away and we’re here to find out what that world is like. El Salvador has one of the highest murder rate in the world. Rival gangs like 13 and 18th Street toward for decades, they work like the mafia, extorting money from local businesses fighting for territory and killing with impunity. An average of 18 people are killed or disappeared here each day. It all goes back to a civil war that started in 1984, 12 years, communist leaning, Gorillaz fought against American back military forces, committed fishes atrocities against civilians because of the war hundreds of thousands. Asylum in the US. It’S there on the streets of Los Angeles that many young men were introduced to gang culture and after treaty in 1982, the US deported thousands of hardened gang members back Grupo musical we’re driving through one of the most dangerous game control parts of the city. I’M a picture of violins, yes, that we change his name and not show his face. Mini poor neighborhoods. Look like this. A local Aid group reduced us to Victoria and her daughter, Isabella. They live in hiding running a small bakery out of this abandoned house. They’Ve had to move three times in the last three years and access how to use their real names. Their problems started with a small squabble between friends, which was enough to Mark her, your entire family for death. So they said north at the US border. Isabella was caught and they were forced to return Philadelphia school this month, El Salvador elected its youngest president ever 37 year old. Now you do Kelly and energetic former mayor running against the establishment. It’S the first time in thirty years that the two largest political parties failed. A power clear sign of just how much Salvadorans are craving change Kelly on the election trap. Many Skeptics say he’s the new face of an old and corrupt system, but his supporters are inspired, but even here cuz, if you’re of the gangs, we see Security forces. Youngboy of being a gang Lookout, Kelly’s making ambitious promises to weed out corruption in reducing the quality. After the rally we jumped in the back of his car that we’ve been covered talking to people discussing why they’re leaving why their problems here? How are you hoping to fight that? The real way to tackle gang by others is to correct the social dysfunction that we have in our country is social injustice, economic opportunities, things that you’re asking for. It requires a lot of patience and acquires asking the people to wait for things to get better, or are you worried about people getting impatient for now? The fight against the gangs looks like this. Please move from bar to bar landing at the Patriot in the search, pockets and phones for any traces of gang contact. It’S a show of force and in the end there are no arrests play felices. Heavy-Handed tactics haven’t solved the problem and for many people here it simply has the atmosphere, violence and intimidation back Immigration. Center deportees continue to come in, among them is Edwin a former police officer who fled because the gangster threaten to kill him. Las Vegas now headed home, but he won’t stay there for long
For many in El Salvador, the options are few: Journey north to try to cross into America illegally, or live in fear at home. Our video explores how rampant gang violence is pushing Salvadorans into perilous migrant caravans.

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