How Germany’s Far Right Stole a Rallying Cry for Democracy | NYT News

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How Germany’s Far Right Stole a Rallying Cry for Democracy | NYT News
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via Cintas Park in German that means we are the people Germany this week as far right protesters set up to vent her frustrations create Mayhem and attack refugees also hurt and closeness in early 2016 as a mob of tournaments around the bus of refugees entering their town and later that year and about soon as 80 Germans chase some 20 refugees through the street the chant has become a go-to for the German far-right but it wasn’t always an extremist rallying cry OK Google city of protest again tonight and 1989 people in East Germany took to the streets to demand more freedom after living under an oppressive Communist Regime for decades their movement was neither of the right nor the left it was a cry for the mahkra see but in recent years it has been co-opted by far-right groups who violently opposed Angela Mancos open border policies disregard
Violent demonstrations in Germany by far-right protesters have led to attacks on refugees and featured a chant that translates to “we are the people.” So how did extremist groups adopt this rallying cry?

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