How Hands Became the Internet’s New Selfie | Internetting Season 2

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How Hands Became the Internet’s New Selfie | Internetting Season 2
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we talk a lot about the narcissism of the internet but there’s an entire genre of Internet content that rejects all that it focuses on a different body part well two on Facebook and YouTube we watch disembodied hands cook party foods make DIY Slime and execute creative household tax and hands are taking over more and more online content a quarter of video views on the Facebook pages of big media companies are now hands-only no faces No bodies just hands there’s a specific grammar to the hands-only video it’s in when did the hands come from the bottom of the frame instead of the top hand reaching down from above feels like a creepy disembodied hand when it comes from the bottom feels like your own it used to be that in National TV shows were built around celebrity host with wide camera shots please shows could make viewers feel like they were hanging out with Rachel Ray or Martha Stewart that they didn’t mimic the sensation of actually doing it yourself social media shows don’t need hosts on the internet where the one sharing recipes and dispensing life hacks we provide the commentary and our Facebook friends Supply the human connection the internet’s hands feel like our own except more skillful accomplished and efficient and as millions of Buzzfeed video of you suggest that feeling is really appealing 5 Hands I want to know what the rest of this man looks like and if he’s single why are we so drawn to this feeling of vicarious confidence why is it so appealing relaxing even handle me videos provide relief from a place that often seems more governed by how we look then what we can do around but hands videos are soothing in their anonymity when we watch them we can just think about making things in the world instead of endlessly refining our faces bodies and personas even when hands aren’t the blank their glamour feels Democratic take the explosion of nail art nail art eliminates all the distractions of the face and body focusing instead on Artistry and immaculate detail the beauty hair doesn’t rely on the nose for the nose that you bought it’s a pure creative achievement face has come to represent narcissism online The Hand Project a quiet seriousness of Purp it’s opposable thumb allows it to wield tools flash symbols and now type out texts and it’s probably not a coincidence that the hands image has risen online just as mobile devices have taken over our lives it’s easy to on the dark side of the internet how it’s ruining a generation of kids whose faces will never be free of its surveillance hands represented more hopeful part of the internet the part that helps you learn stuff that democratize knowledge and then encourages action and in in an online landscape of endless chatter the hand is all business hey this is Amanda And subscribe and tell us what body part should be Fluttershy’s next
In the age of the selfie, we spend a lot of time showing off our faces. But lately a different body part is vying for attention. What are our hands trying to tell us?

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