How hate is earning money online | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley

How hate is earning money online | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley
How hate is earning money online | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley
Completely overrun by social justice Warrior your help, a huge thank you to those who have supported and made this project possible, so Lauren, big stars on social media, but here’s the question: are people using hate to make money online and is cutting off access the solution? This past week the controversial Canadian commentator face Facebook deplatformed for threading was Facebook deemed dangerous, far-right content. The pr was great for Facebook, but what didn’t get covered? Well until recently, Facebook was actually offering up white genocide as a special category for advertisers to Target the company. As since apologized and now the federal government says it might step in to regulate. the challenge here first, why does it matter? The New Zealand masked Shooters Manifesto was littered with references to internet culture. He also live stream. The shooting on Facebook, even named after YouTube star before he killed people in Quebec City mosque, shooter, obsessively check the Twitter account of anti-muslim commentators in the months leading up to the attack, but can’t use like these actually be shut down. This week the US Congress tried to Havasu is debate about how to limit the rise of white nationalism online, and I got hijacked by white nationalist online. A YouTube account called Red Ice TV stream to the hearing in real-time viewers use a feature called Super Chat. Make big money paid, hundreds and white nationalist mean so many that YouTube eventually shut it down and one of the right-wing superchat Pioneers is Toronto’s Andy warski. He makes thousands of dollars through a debates, a series that he Bloodsport WWE. What happens when you watch one of his videos I’ll pops, a bunch of similar YouTubers, all promoting themselves as right-wing truth-tellers revenge is hiding after one click Days Later, a stream of warski live channels is still automatically appearing on our feet. So what role does YouTube play in all of this? It is a no-brainer YouTube, can make you rich and famous how well you can develop a community that can be built into a money-making Empire, he’s doing it near to extinction by the day Christian, Canadian news media. She got fired after she went down. Bill later spoke on, a Neo-Nazi podcast earn money on YouTube, but her videos he’ll play. It still helps her final, her fans to her website and other platform where she can make money like crowdfunding sites like And subscribe start. For example, for $ 100 a month for $ 250, you can even join her on a live stream. Broadcast is Lauren Southern cut off your hand. If you steal documentary images and videos claiming there was a white genocide, there is never smoke without fire. A dog have been viewed 2.2 million time how to raise the money to Philman. Well, she drummed up over $ 31,000 on her website through donations. There’S another Canadian libertarian philosophers Advocates like this on his YouTube channel with motion back to all races are basically the same began to crumble. Woody says I’ve been downloaded over half-a-billion time Garth at the end of every podcast. He asks for donations. Many of those YouTube videos, including some of high school – these are not eligible, which means they don’t make money YouTube only boots people off completely, though, for promoting violence Alex Jones. The u.s. conspiracy theorist who helped push that story is the biggest star to get banned from the, but it’s hardly disappeared here. He is as a guest on one of Logan Paul’s YouTube channels over a million subscribers Rodger Stone. How much are we talking about here? I know you don’t know exactly how much money people make, but how much money are these white nationalist making difficult to say and there’s a few different sources of income that people can have on YouTube wanted advertisement and that has been really dwindling as YouTube is grappling With bad content that advertisers just don’t want to associate with, but there’s also super chats where the fans of the personalities and cells can hand over money and just fundraising campaigns going to so when that all comes together. Really we don’t know how profitable this is, but the most popular YouTubers have built houses on them as they built their entire lives on this one of these platforms. Do they stop making money? No, the money doesn’t stop just because the YouTube monetization stops. What happens? Is a lot of them are able to say, give me money, because you too has kicked me off their able to go to either their personal websites or any other remaining social media network that hosts them and rally their base based on that so Facebook. For that matter, if it’s fear and anger drives people to get them to stay on longer, but now also YouTube has this algorithm that says, if you go to far you get kicked off, so are people trying to figure out where the line is about how far They can go yeah, it’s been really tricky with social media networks or sort of straddle that line between what is hate speech and what isn’t because a lot of the time, something that is explicitly hate speech can be said and coded words or surveilled. Language 2 minutes play the same thing, but that would pass YouTube sensors. What we’re seeing with a lot of these hateful groups and white nationalist white supremacist on YouTube is they will use that coded language to try to get around the algorithm or try to get in line with a community guidelines that YouTube fat? Is it fair to say that white nationalism is being partly online, is being partly driven by money? White nationalism built on anger and anger makes money online. So when we asked whether white nationalism is driven through finances, I think it’s fair to say that it could be, it could beat. Financials can be a motivator for white Nationals, and the other piece of this puzzle is that no no channel gets 100 % of its advertising Revenue. No Super Chat gets 100 % of its Revenue. Youtube takes a cut as well and father of financial incentives for all the parties involved from what we say that looks like a lot of people are making a lot of money on these social platforms, spreading very questionable views. What ideas is your your viewership? How what what ideas are are known to play? I don’t want to give an instruction manual here, but with this information in general, what we see is there’s a swell around news events and is swell around the latest political commentary. So what seems to be the strategy? It’S to use extremely in siderits language, to Rally your base to get that anger out of people and essentially get them to act in motion play, and that seems to work across all social media networks. Not Just You Tube commentator. So it looks as if both the American and the Canadian governments are considering regulating these big platforms like YouTube and and Facebook. What do you think of that idea? Could we get into very dangerous territory? Are some limits on Free Speech? I mean you know you can’t overthrow the state, you can’t plot of murder. There are things you can’t do you can’t shout fire in a crowded theater to give come with power beyond that? I think it’s a terrible idea for two reasons, the first of which is, of course, that if you trust government to silence speech, it doesn’t like it will start silent Sam speech, critical of it. I will even seen Justin Trudeau, has been claimed. Off. White nationalism and white supremacy, so presumably in the name of Public Safety, would have to silence that guy too, but the other more fundamental problem is that censorship? I’M a great believer? Is there a concern? Is there a concern, though, here I’m at what point? Do you allow the Cesspool to keep getting larger cuz I’m there are things I’m sure you would have knowledge on on YouTube and Facebook that are offensive Salon Hair between sent and they actually hate speech. Well, I think that censorship. I would not allow people to conspire to commit acts of violence or to Advocate violence, the creative, clear and present danger, but other than that. If your sensor, if you’re not doing anything about the cesspit except you’re, hiding it, that’s the point about censorship cutting off the rattle. If there are dangerous ideas out there, you want to use the it’s called a Dracula fact that sunlight destroys evil. You want to bring, let me know when you want to expose them, you want to refute them. You want to show what pathetic people to haters dark, and you want to defeat these ideas. There’S no rules on on social media has one thing I think should be changed. The American Communications decency act exempts these online platforms for responsibility for what gets posted where it says you know on a newspaper on a television station. If someone says something libelous, you share responsibility and you can get sued and I think that should be changed to destroy their business model, but that’s their problem, not mine. I don’t. I don’t need Twitter need Collins Key on YouTube. Apart from that, there should be no prohibition on speech unless it’s the dishes or incitement to violence in the short-run or other things that are actively criminal. We know that some of these people shoot up other people that they have self-radicalized. Do you? How do you protect legitimate conservative, I’m not in favor of censoring hate speech, I’m in favor of combating it and defeating it because surely was not well, I I don’t think it is working. Yet we have rather extensive hate speech, laws and so on, but the problem is fundamentally comes out of the human heart if Canadians are consuming hates, we just like internet p***. The problem is that people are watching it, not the people are providing it and if we are so far gone that we want this stuff will find a way to get it. Germany, where the Nazi party Rose to power back to the reductio ad hitlerum, but it appears and not limited to your old high German look at people’s Twitter feeds on Earth that everybody gets so angry. We we need to fix the problem, because if we can’t stop ourselves online, we’re not going to able to stop herself when we vote either we can’t delegate, do the government can say, don’t let me say bad things, don’t let me hear bad things, I’m an adults And so are you
Even though some social media platforms have cracked down on hate speech by banning some extremist groups entirely or blocking them from monetizing their content, it hasn’t prevented sites with hate content from making money. Wendy Mesley looks into how they’re earning money and whether government regulation would make a difference.

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