How healthy are Europeans in 2018? – BBC News

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How healthy are Europeans in 2018? – BBC News
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set living longer that’s for sure I’ve expecting see is increasing everywhere you see in the last we had an increase of one yet the population of that’s a lot mortality is fooling especially mortality from what we go listen to classic killers in European non-communicable diseases like heart disease stroke diabetes cancer and respiratory diseases and find that on the whole European health tends to be better but there was a butt on that but is actually quite big the bus is stopped and we really need to go look out for the risk factors we are the reason that drinks the most which is a very sad regular alcohol consumption is very high is declining that has to be said we also see that smoking rates are declining but it is increasing is overweight and obesity and that is a pattern throughout the European region we will see increases and diabetes and many others including must be out of consequences and this is something that we really need to tackle these issues because it may just be that the generation that is born tomorrow madly to life than we do
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has carried out a health check on all the countries in its European region. Dr Claudia Stein, Director of the Division of Information, Evidence, Research and Innovation at the WHO, summarises the findings.

(Image: People drinking in a group, Credit: Getty Images.)

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