How is the government handling asylum seekers? Q&A

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How is the government handling asylum seekers? Q&A
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your question so visit us online and submit your questions there about the Asylum Seeker issue in the comment section so back to our conversation with you because we have even sort of debating the the rhetoric around this and talking about illegal versus a regular you’re a lawyer you have lottery I know so tell tell us your interpretation I think a lot of the time it’s incorrect nomenclature so yes it is in contravention of I believe the custom dock to enter into Canada at a a non point of entry which is what we’re seeing however are you play the Customs Act meant to be applied to goods and not people that it was never meant to oversee the the movement of people at AA non entry point and there is a host of international legislation as well as president in the terms of Eugene and international rights law that is made it quite explicit that the you know what the nature of seeking Asylum and of making a refugee claim kind of Lent itself inherent to the fact that you are in fact going to not be necessarily official points of Entry so the charges are stayed it is one of those things that the government after the fact or the police whomever as being intercepting can then choose to proceed with charges but it’s not a crime and it’s it acclaiming is is is the law and we have to give people that are claiming asylum in Canada due process and that’s also the long that’s also just International treaties that was willy-nilly and signed but this is like goes back to the 80s in the Supreme Court ruling which is said you have to give people a fair an independent shake their claim they do you think the distinction is relevant are status are always wear that and appreciate it illegal to you serve with a law firm though I also I’m not a lawyer but as Minister Public Safety I can tell you I listen to lawyers by the hour on this very issue and now oh I forgot to censor words lawyers I love them but it’s commonly known that if you have two lawyers looking at one issue you’ll get at least 3 opinions so that’s clearly the case here and I keep going back to the safe Third Country agreement it is in fact illegal in my view and and others will take the other of you for you to cross the border claiming Refugee status when you’re coming from a safe Third Country you can and in the past even by liberal ministers you were turned back if a country is not claiming that it has control over its borders and in fact is losing sovereignty of its own country and that’s why these stay tuned online because I keep the conversation going there you can send us our questions talk to you soon okay and we are back on-line thanks for joining us on Facebook YouTube and Twitter the panel is here to take your questions on the asylum your issue please post your questions in the comment section and we’re going to try to answer as many as we can so just quickly I’ll let stop will finish his thought and I will bring in the first question you can be seen as illegal if you are in contravention of the third-party are in the Third Country safe agreement in fact that is so obvious in terms of our past history that the Liberals even came up with something which we indoors then and supported as conservative which was related to security certificates there can be a person who is deemed to be so dangerous that in fact we’re worried when they cross the border but they get in not coming from a third party so they get that status and in fact they can be and I’ll use the phrase locked up or apprehended in some cases for years while they while their appeal goes forward so to say to use the I don’t think we’re doing a good service either too hopeful people are hopefully wanted to go to the country by using words like irregular migrant when in fact they should be hearing it can be illegal they should hear that as a disincentive and this goes back to and I just closed at this thought the prime minister’s tweet of course which continues to get referred to it is being used by those who are exploiting people who want to get into Canada or get any states are going to these South American countries they’re saying the PM is indicated you’re welcome we’re going to waive the laws come on in so these people shoot their way through the us and come here giving money to these people to it to people who who transport them saying we understand the prime minister of Canada says it’s okay for us to come and that’s where the problem is United States of the states Third Country very soon in fact as something that the federal NDP has been calling on for some time referencing as I as a reference earlier the current practices and treatment of oppose immigrants asylum-seekers essentially anybody in the United States now is it you think you know in terms of we were talking about International is very very clear if you’re not only separating children from their parents and and putting children in cages and situation said that are tantamount to psychological torture let alone the fact that they’ve lost children and their children out there that might never see their parents again I don’t think that there is any way we can look at the United States to the south of us is the safe Third Country was into the Facebook live and and previously about the legalities of all this and obviously that’s important those for Canadian law on International loss but this also has to be viewed very much as a humanitarian issue and I think that’s something that we’re we’re missing currently in the end in the discussion green Ham on YouTube as an illegal entry and wondering if the panel can discuss whether they’re there has been a rise I guess I could cite some statistics that came out today through a briefing for example an 2012 600 people cross into Canada between ports of Entry so that is what we’re talking about sort of the walking by foot over those places 2015 320 17 20,000 those numbers and if you look at the number of people crossing through an unofficial Port of Entry illegally regularly however you want to classify it still represents the minority of overall that are made right now and I think once you contextualize that that’s not to say that shouldn’t be providing for more resources or the government should stop being pressed on certain issues but I think it’s it’s worth mentioning that you know it’s still a minority it’s also worth mentioning that even in this huge Sword and the crisis or whatever you want you want to classify once again I’m really only represents like half a percent of our population and when you look at what some other countries are dealing with Bangladesh for example of it really does pale in comparison especially when you factor in what’s going on globally and we haven’t even begin to see throes of what climate change is going to throw globally our way when it comes to people needing to find a temperate place to live that is under the sea stop tasks on Facebook can there be a distinction between support for housing in Toronto and how the need for Refugee housing is also important but a separate issue North people we know we’re hearing the reports across the country people who are here living now their service times are being reduced significantly their needs are being addressed in a less rapid fashion and he heard the figure you quite rightly gesture when you go from several hundred people coming across the bow cuz I would say illegally to 20,000 remember when they cross the border they’re coming many of them without any documentation and they’re simply saying here for this reason I’m not a criminal I’m not never done anything bad and now we’re be so that it could be up to 30 months before their case even can come before on Asylum tribunal so they can go anywhere they want the country unknown status unknown background you don’t need a huge part of the population to be in that number for potential danger the issue of children being separated which of course is an important issue that simply doesn’t happen at the Canadian border even the pictures that now we know of all the networks in the US I said those first pictures that came out the so-called children in cages pictures those are from the obama-era and that reflects a different way in which these are being handled so this is not the issue here in Canada the issue is numbers of people coming in people who came here to the country legally or who here are here with the permanent resident status who are in need their ability to get need is being reduced by illegal in entrance and that is a factor that has to be dealt with well you look like you want to respond to that and then I’ll bring another question about 2017 immigration under Obama kicked out of the country but why are we seeing a massive spike in 2017 if there is no difference than how immigrants and refugees and asylum-seekers have been treated under the the Donald Trump Administration versus the Obama Administration that to me just so you know I know correlation if we were talking to you in a lawyer talk to her earlier correlation is not causation but to me that 20,000 versus kind of 600 500 previously isn’t my mind just another argument why we need to suspend that save 3rd party agreement Merkel in Germany in Germany has changed the policy and is saying we’re not going to be letting the illegal immigrants come in as we were before there’s an immediate shift the boats start to go to different places so it’s how you say those signals has an immediate effect on how many people are going to try to access your country or not became president if it’s before before Trudeau made that tweet so the idea that we have thousands and that one tweet from from the Prime Minister cause this massive shift and international asylum-seeking is ridiculous Supriya asks can you define regular and irregular in this context yeah I guess a regular would be at a port of entry and a regular would be written on Port of Entry that’s an easy way to do it this is Harold Chapman asks on Facebook it’s really give this one to you as well I don’t care much about the third-party agreement don’t human rights preemptive laws morality should print these laws but the whole notion of the states or country agreement I think we need to contextualize again and the back when Obama and the Prime Minister were Bros and had a bromance even then Obama was like we’re not doing that because why would they do anything in which they would have to deal with their own resources and have to deal with an increase on their end and when it comes to suspension of of that agreement my understanding is that the final Arbiter in this would be an organization like the play CR which is you know an independent third multilateral organization which would look at it and go well based on all the criteria that we have and we normally go out four countries that are considered a safe their country the u.s. is no longer meeting that and my understanding is the US Bill does meet that bar and we can people with that certainly and of course the the situation that Sally is reference numerous times about the separation of children from their parents what does kind of offended sensibilities but from again legal standpoint I’m not really sure what we can do stop call you wanted to wait and I heard Canada leads the world in terms of humanitarian response to immigration and open to Refugee status but we do that at the same time as what we’ve always done and even though they’re both by maintaining that there are certain countries which with which we have safe agreement that if you’re coming from that country you are automatically not going to be allowed to a claim I’m in our country and that’s what that is meant to do it’s too discouraged border Shoppers it’s the discourage those who are being exploited by the tens of thousands of people by these unscrupulous people who say we can now try this country so it is humanitarian there’s nothing on humanitarian are in humanitarian about having rules about having laws when people say well you know my grandparents and great-grandparents immigrated to Canada of course they did and I’ll bet you in 89 % of those cases they got here going through a legal process not one that is illegal doing it they’re only able to do that because the government here’s where the federal government just needs to be honest with people and we need to say the federal government have you now suspended This legal apparatus that’s in place to protect us and to protect people from being a lighted have you suspended it defacto they have we need we need to hear from the federal government and they need to step up and tell the truth and there is nothing on Canadian about being concerned about proper process at our borders that brings me to a comment on Facebook and I’ll I guess Sally I’ll get you to address on the contents of it Richard Farrell Rich Farrell and sorry, did this just makes the line longer for those of us who have taken the proper legal and financial steps to gain residency here in Canada I see that frustration I’ve heard heard of friends of mine who have been immigrants to Canada and as I said before I work in Immigration of the Canadian High Commission and it’s a long and arduous and expensive process that includes medical exams that includes language tests and all these things I category then people who were you know fleeing oppression you know any rest of their lives as you know asylum-seekers are my previous point is that immigration has been under resource in Canada for a long time frankly we have you know not a very robust population not very very robust population growth we need more immigrants in Canada to support our Healthcare System to support us as a country going forward and then that to ultimately solve this you know what what sounds like a 30-month wait for processing to to to stop that kind of addition is between people who are applying illegally through the skilled skilled worker category or through the family class category of immigration as well as a regular border-crossers is to Simply put more resources into the immigration system more money at the front end is going to so you know it is going to reduce it a whole lot of pain for the country at the back end not putting a large amount of resources on making it so the claims are resolved in weeks not years and it starts aprea go for it I should know unless you’re waiting at a refugee camp somewhere in Jordan or or Bangladesh you’re not really affected by this but that’s a separate entity to your question as to why the government is in you know putting more resources into it I don’t know if it’s author of going from stock I think you said 30 months is the wait time from 30 months to all of a sudden 2 weeks but there’s definitely measure is like more stopping more money props is streamlining out the process you even more so add that can definitely speed it up and that’s what they should be being hammered on and we shouldn’t be getting into this weird meme sharing rhetoric of trying to get evolved to the lowest common denominator related to resourcing it’s always been the issue even when things were going relatively better it’s even more so now with thousands upon thousands flooding the system the irony here on Stanley mention the economic and print into Canada keep the ones with the money that can be expedited more quickly because they are in fact paying for the process directly so somebody’s going to come in and invest let’s say a million dollars in a business that will hire Canadians they are going to have more rapid access but it’s family reunification it’s students if people like this who need to come in here they are being put in longer lineups they’re those Q’s their services are getting much longer because we have to divert serve Denise thousands upon thousands of new as I’m still saying illegal immigrants you were coming so they’re the ones who are in fact losing Services because hard-working people in Immigration have to be diverted to that issue are two different strings on me when you’re sitting in that process for sure we know conclusively has grown for sure like people who want to get Refugee status or waiting a lot longer in the past year-and-a-half and then they had been prior but your the two Stockwell right saying that immigration economic migrants there is the investor class I where people do kind of come in and do you know invested x amount of dollars into Canada and general there’s business class for somebody committed to coming in purchasing running a business and skilled worker obviously they’re still a cost immigration but that’s where you get people who are you don’t have a certain level of education is certain level of language skills you know who have a certain amount of money in the bank that you’re looking at as being okay this person’s going to come to Canada and be very much in that economic benefit and that’s ultimately the class where you sometimes it can take from 2 to 4 depending on where in the world do your Appliance and there are very much two different streams but Stockwell is right is that for the Department for the Canadian budget that money comes from the same place and we need frankly on both sides significantly more investment and is not solve the problems but it’s going to make it significantly less bad okay we’re going to wrap it up there thank you so much for all of your questions I’m sorry we couldn’t get to all of them but thanks as well great thanks
How is the federal government handling asylum seekers? We’re taking your questions live with Power & Politics host Vassy Kapelos and the Power Panel Stockwell Day, Supriya Dwivedi and Sally Housser. Ask your questions in the chat.
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