How My Stillbirth Became a Crime | NYT Opinion

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How My Stillbirth Became a Crime | NYT Opinion
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How My Stillbirth Became a Crime | NYT Opinion
I never thought I’d get rested for experiencing a tragedy. I lost my daughter and I was prosecuted for it. Carcerated shined ashamed, crossword, never happened, single mom working at a minimum wage, job living and my family’s home to get Knocked Up, barely being able to take care of myself, not adding another. That just was not feasible. We were on the couch one night if I tripped and fell pregnant, Ang Federal, serious and she said well, I think you would need to make arrangements to find another place to live so ashamed at. That point is when I really that I was going to have to actually make a decision about her future and that’s when I decided to give my baby to some friends. I was 7 months along everyday. Whenever she was awake so you exist, she would be catching and then she just stopped bathroom and everything started come out everything beautiful beautiful, but I closed a closed. Complete Stillness is packaged up her for me when I woke up that morning after I was worried enough to think I drove myself to the emergency room with the remains in front passenger seat. I came in and said I need to see someone give birth last night and she didn’t make it. They took the the the baby and were able to very quickly determined that it was a stillbirth. Several days later got me on the way home from the hospital or at Sydney they put handcuffs on me. They put me in the back of the police car. They said they were recently for concealing birth to make shirts available time. I thought who am I arrested for concealing it from my dad was my brothers, it didn’t seem to be that it was treated with it seemed to be like it was being treated as murder was a nightmare. This is a very Evangel Christian area. Anti-Abortion area have had an abortion abortion, the prosecution he’s my perfectly legal medical procedure against me when the jury came back so fast, I just knew they wanted. They wanted their pound of Flesh to drink. Deliberated 4 minutes connect me of concealing a birth to the maximum sentence of six years. My past medical history, I have been locked up pretty much in my house for 3 years and I have to be under supervision, but my son can’t. I can’t be alone with my son at the time.
I was treated like a murderer for suffering a personal tragedy in Arkansas.

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