How Naked Mole Rats Survive Without Oxygen | ScienceTake

How Naked Mole Rats Survive Without Oxygen | ScienceTake
Naked mole rats are every bit as strange as they found their cold blooded mammals that live underground in big colonies run by a queen. I almost never get cancer and they can survive for 18 minutes with zero oxygen. They lose Consciousness and their heart rate and breathing slow. On the other hand, last about a minute researchers at the University of illinois-chicago, along with colleagues in Europe and Africa, use a variety of low oxygen environments. Pretty common underground mole rats can change their energy metabolism metabolized with oxygen. They use fruit and metabolized without oxygen. Knowing more about this metabolic trick, might one day help in treating heart attacks and strokes, but lack of oxygen is a
Naked mole rats are strange mammals. They are cold-blooded, have no noticeable hair and live in underground tunnels. Even stranger: They can survive without oxygen for up to 18 minutes. Find out more in this 2017 episode of ScienceTake.

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