How new initiatives help the homeless cast their ballot

How new initiatives help the homeless cast their ballot
How new initiatives help the homeless cast their ballot
2 weeks and 1 day until Canadians go to the polls this time around elections, Canada wants to make sure some of the country’s most vulnerable voters the homeless are engaged, empowered and able to cast a ballot. Ctv’S Molly Thomas explains 1000 Canadians living on the streets. The push to get them voting starts at the shelter once you have a photo ID and elections. Canada is targeting vulnerable groups, often left out of the political conversation. Policies will be made laws MoviePass. That will impact them, so they certainly have a right, just like everybody else, to vote 2015 under the conservatives that the Liberals brought it back. People that regularly rely on Church meal programs like this one can also ask for a letter confirming they live in the area, but barriers for homeless voters still exist. If you want to start your candidates ahead of time, he wants to read the platform of the party. Want to watch any of the debate if you don’t have a hook up the internet that can be hugely difficult rides to the polling stations would help the transportation people physically can’t get there or mentally they’re having trouble. They don’t want to go by themselves. Elderly Care home, but they will be deployed to certain shelters to trap. The biggest challenge will be here. My hope is more people from my demographics will go out and vote, so we have a voice in so we can be heard. Molly Thomas CTV News, Ottawa,
Elections Canada wants to ensure that homeless populations, who are often left out, are able to cast a ballot. Molly Thomas explains.

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