How not to spend your money – BBC News

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How not to spend your money – BBC News
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How not to spend your money – BBC News
So you’re telling all your might to spend all that money soon as I get it. Obviously, what I’m saying is you need any only live once YOLO. Just think that your money will not run out. Did you ask your mom for more? You know that way. They’Re. Obviously your mom to let your Mom. It’S me Pete right now. I know you would retirement, but you need to go back to work so that I can get money so that man can live my best life and don’t even open that TSB. I could. I don’t want to know sometimes that’s why you’re feeling the effects sneezing on the go eating on the go. I make Financial mistakes. When I go to a shop, I order I’m not able to behavior because going to run out of money going to be skin. You need to be a bit more responsible,
Broke Radio 1 Xtra DJ Sideman tells his fans to treat their cash like Monopoly money, but is there anything he can learn from BBC Business Editor Simon Jack?

Video journalist: Ameer Khan

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