How Online Trolls Divide Americans IRL | NYT News

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How Online Trolls Divide Americans IRL | NYT News
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the Cyber actors are using social media platforms to spread this information and Americans against targeting both sides our country’s most divisive issues influence American politics in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election Russian trolls use disinformation campaigns to sow Discord experts are now seeing similar activity heading into the 2018 midterms trying to get better at hiding their faces so it’s it’s going to be a game of cat-and-mouse at the Atlantic council’s digital he works to identify and analyze online disinformation boys being a combination of infiltration medicalization strategies used by notorious online trolls from Russia and perhaps elsewhere first they pick a hot-button issue my profile problems in American society has which well-known abroad and it 10:15 to be those ones we can talk today so the original Taco Factory canceled very heavily engaged in debate on gun control in the Second Amendment on women’s rights abortion rights they would happily engaged on black lives matter accounts that Facebook recently deleted took the same approach updated to fit the latest top news to appeal to followers Next Step tap into a community group hotels on glorious cultural history and you try and engage with real activists who you are busy on this subject text Sarah saying positive things about you’ll Community you start saying negative things about other communities in the war against colonialism is a seam that comes up on this page time and again it’s a hint of violence and last day try to move from the online world into real life well how do we get this to happen and you still not trying to reach out to genuine local organizations maybe you say well we content up on that day could we go to the hell’s going on why don’t you organize it for us both presidential candidates at an Islamic Center in Houston they organize a protest and the corresponding counter-protest so why go to such lengths American public by exploiting existing tensions in our society the goal make American see each other as enemies especially during high-stakes events such as elections if people feel they can’t trust our neighbors or their government democracy falters there is a massive sophisticated persistent campaign on multiple fronts to misinform divided and ultimately manipulate the American people that Acura yes
We know that trolls on social media are trying to sow discord on contentious subjects like race, guns and abortion, but how do they do it? Here is a visual guide to their strategy.

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