How Rumors Spread in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ | Anatomy of a Scene

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How Rumors Spread in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ | Anatomy of a Scene
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has Jon M Chu director of crazy Rich Asians and others in the beginning of the movie where he gets me Rachel Chu played by the incredible Constance Wu and Nick Young played by Henry Golding who this is first movie we found him for March in Malaysia he was a travel host there never done a movie before so this is first movie this is second day shooting and he really improved everyday he was there he’s incredible actor actually in Supernatural and you going to see him a lot how many players delete and I move in here he’s inviting her to Singapore by to meet his family what she doesn’t know is that his family is the richest in Singapore and so she’s about to fly into a hornet’s nest as they say this is a very popular section in the book in our scripts about two sentences from the ground up in the book it talk about how all the gossip spreads through Radio One Asia and you can see her taking a cell phone pic there and she put a pass it on to all the friends socialize ex-girlfriend’s family members to destroy this American Girl coming to Singapore to take their man how did we communicate this stuff is through text message in social media and there’s so much in so many ways you can do it we really didn’t want to shoot people screens so we try to come up with thank the most buoyant way that the even the book describes how information passes so have you service P colorful things certain the colors of the book covers that spread through all the people throughout Singapore and we had a great company aspect ratio to help design it is my baby in the second there screaming know that I born about 2 weeks after we finished shooting and and then we really wanted to show that this information is spreading all around the world and ending up after this beautiful home on that during this Bible study but we need Michelle yeoh who plays Nick Young’s mother and wants nothing to do with this American Girl coming to Singapore to very related set of my experience as an Asian-American going to Asia for the first time where it feels sort of like home but not like home and that’s really what are movies about is identity that we all go through penis generation of matter where you’re from whether you’re Asian or not figuring out who we want to be for the future and so text messaging is a great way to show all the all the way
Tweets, texts, Snaps, WeChats, WhatsApps, Instas and more are used to send rumors around the world about a couple in “Crazy Rich Asians,” Jon M. Chu’s big-screen adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s novel. That couple is Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) and Nick Young (Henry Golding). Nick has invited Rachel to meet his family. What she doesn’t know is they are the wealthiest family in Singapore. As they talk at a New York cafe, someone snaps their photo and sends it around to friends. That sets off a chain of speculation about who Rachel Chu is and how she landed Nick.
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The director shows the communication in colorful animations and image blocks that include cameos from the novelist Kevin Kwan (in the middle left at 1:32) and the director’s own baby (at 1:48 screaming “Noooo”).

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