How Stephen Miller Controls Trump’s Immigration Policy | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

How Stephen Miller Controls Trump’s Immigration Policy | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
How Stephen Miller Controls Trump’s Immigration Policy | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
This morning, we’re learning more about the Trump administration’s latest attempt to deter immigrants from crossing the border, undocumented immigrant children, Lincoln Public Schools. That says, California becomes the latest state to challenge the administration’s public charge rule which aims to make it harder for poor immigrants to become legal residents whose path to power the two front pages this weekend. The times writing this mr. Miller now occupies a large West Wing office and his influence on virtually every element of immigration policy, from the words president uses to the regulations. Mr. Miller is a speechwriter policy, architect, Personnel, director, legislative, aide, spokesman and strategist at every step. His pushed for the hardest line possible reporter behind that piece, New York Times, Jason deparle, he’s also the author of the new book out tomorrow. A good provider is one who leaves one family and migration in the 21st century University of Alabama law school and back with me from attending Public School. So this is clearly unconstitutional and it stems from a Supreme Court case back in the 1980s called Plyler vs. doe. In the Alabama case, Alabama’s efforts by State Law to force kids to build their parents immigration status so that they couldn’t register for school. I measure you know that was clearly an effort to force people who were here without legal immigration status to reveal themselves with ultimately held unconstitutional by the 11th circuit appeal, and the Supreme Court declined to reverse that ruling, and this is a really Common Sense reasoning. When you think about it, it says first, if these kids can’t get an education they’ll, never be able to make a contribution that we shouldn’t penalize them at that young and then secondarily, it says we aren’t a country that punishes innocent children for decisions that their parents Make 234 year old, kids don’t choose to come to this country illegally. Even older children are directed by their parents, they should still get an education. That’S been very clear law in this country since at least the 1980s, so that effort to go around such a clear rule of law in such a mean-spirited way is, I think, a very dangerous development in this area. It might be unconstitutional. Does the spirit of it reflect how America currently feels? We know that our public education system is failing? Are there Americans, who certainly don’t support child separation policy, but who do support the idea that until every American child is getting a good education, we shouldn’t offer in education to others, and yet they may be unconstitutional. But I’m just talking about the spirit, some Americans that certainly short-sighted when we’re not educating young people, we’re not doing the most we can for our economy. Yes, do we need to do a better job, educating American citizens? Certainly, I’m proud to say that New Jersey has one of the education systems in the country right now. However, we also need to make sure that, as we have young children who were brought here through no fault of their own, that we’re giving them a so when we see this chances are many of these children are going to be contributors to our economy in the Future they can’t do that if they don’t have an education, Jason and your peace. About Stephen Miller, you quote some of his early columns and TV appearance and a couple stuck out to me the quote from Theodore Roosevelt that was included in his high school yearbook. There can be no 5050 americanism in this country. There is room here for only one hundred percent americanism only for those who are first job as an aide to Republican congresswoman, Michele Bachmann, arguing that immigrants were bringing in diseases bringing in drugs bringing in violence very similar language in the White House, and it seems like Miller horn, these opinions at a young age when he joined, who is really smart and gets the voice, is not just a speechwriter anymore. He’S had these values for quite some time, and now those values and Views are being enacted in policy know he’s not just a speechwriter he’s the most prominent, very influential movement that, as I think, overtaking the Republican Party, the movement to restrict immigration, and, I think, there’s An element potential self-fulfilling prophecy. In this critics, I’m worried that immigrants won’t assimilate, but if you continue to tell them that they’re not welcome, and If you deny their children, no access to public education you’re almost ensuring the outcome that you fear, the latest immigration move out of the White House is Making it harder for immigrants who require government assistance to get legal status, he is sick and tired of immigrants coming to this country and immediately going on welfare, leaving out the fact that the majority of immigrants coming into this country currently eligible for welfare for a worker, Seasonal workers H-1B visa holders. None of these people get welfare. The days of the Statue of Liberty to the public charge rule is very much in keeping with did the mean-spirited this that really permeates all of the president’s policy on immigration, and is you point out in this area? It’S not really a problem. This is part of an idiot logical shift, and we have to remember that doesn’t come to immigration with enormous practical experience or policy working the area. He is primarily an ideologue, and so this is an effort to continue this trend of restricting not just immigrants who come here without legal status, but also legal immigration. It’S dangerous, and it’s also surprisingly short-sighted. As you know, you were asking about schools in Alabama, which is a headcount state. That means it’s. Federal. Funding for education is based on the count of kids in the classroom when emigrar kids attend the children of migrants, didn’t go to school in Alabama because of its Bill funding drop dramatically, and it was sort of a way of cutting off your nose to spite your Own face, we see many bad afternoon with fallout’s, when we don’t appreciate impetus that immigrants bring to our economic engines and child separation policy in your piece that there are number of policies, not just ideologies, but policies that haven’t gotten the same attention. But maybe they should. I think Steven Miller has policy knowledge and has an ability to operationalize, as one of his allies put it, that the president’s philosophy, Stephen Stephen Miller, knows the rules and regulations, I’m that can slow down the application for Visa. Is that can make it harder for people who have a legal right to be in the country to get their papers through, and he’s done that very successfully, quite out of out of the public eye playing these measures that are legal measures for pizza. United States in Mexico in your being successful at it. What do you do about the invisible wall, child separation, immigration policies that are just hurting our economy? And you can see those reverberating throughout agriculture or seasonal worker programs, even into some of our colleges and universities, which are the best in the world having trouble recruiting some of the top Minds in the globe. These are. These are really going to impact our ability to grow our economy. The future remind our audience. Illegal border crossings we’re at a 50-year low. When President Obama left office immigration reform, it sounds like both parties are interested. 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Watch Stephanie Ruhle take a rare look at the rise of Stephen Miller – the driving force behind President Trump’s anti-immigrant policies. Weighing in: New York Times Senior Writer Jason Deparle, former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance, and Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill.
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How Stephen Miller Controls Trump’s Immigration Policy | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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