How the ‘Better Call Saul’ Writers Created the Perfect Con | NYT

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How the ‘Better Call Saul’ Writers Created the Perfect Con | NYT
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How the ‘Better Call Saul’ Writers Created the Perfect Con | NYT
The big question of this show is how does a decent guy become dead inside, at least more like when I started on Breaking Bad, I was always worried the characters, a problem I didn’t see a way out of, but now my philosophy has changed over the years. In episode, seven Jimmy Sidekick is arrested. What are we doing? What what what comes next, the cop was assaulted. How do you get away with that in any way, shape or form so many different ideas, Miracle on 34th Street kind of cleaning travel all the way to Louisiana, to get the right postmark on these letters? How does he write this letter, he’s switching hands and switching so he needs to get some people to help him with it. different pens. Please he’s a good friend to everyone. Telephone gagged came in and find out if this is true of what he would and wouldn’t do, and who’s inappropriate Target and who’s, not they’re, fading, very quickly. Here’S the moment when Jimmy comes alive access, I’m going to step into the best of you, which is something that I saw him. Do I missed your show? Yes, no not yet is Riders you’re, always fascinated someone who’s, creating the wrong reality, we’re hoping to have the audience, suspend the disbelief and the con-artist is hoping to suspended disbelief of his or her Mark. We are
For four seasons, the writers of “Saul” have been slowly transforming Jimmy McGill into the slimy Saul Goodman. Here, they break down a pivotal scene from an episode late in Season 4.

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