How the jailing of Cohen affects Trump – BBC News

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How the jailing of Cohen affects Trump – BBC News
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How the jailing of Cohen affects Trump – BBC News
I think the president has to be very concerned to make the payments. I would not worry about the legal Fallout from s. Donald Trump could be in trouble related to payments, directed him to do anything wrong whatever he did. He did on his own he’s a lawyer. This is an area of law where ignorance is, in fact a defense. It’S there’s not many areas while like this. This is one. So if Donald Trump did not understand that the law limited the actions he was directing going to take that’s defense of it from a criminal charge, it’s perfectly legal for a private individual to pay their lawyer or director lawyer to pay an individual hush money to keep An affair the notion that the president of the United States committed a campaign – Finance violation in my opinion, is prosecutorial overreach. What happens in the end? Donald Trump was up to date with developments on this well into the campaign. The private businessman is allowed to engage in negotiations with Russians with estonian’s, with boats from Denmark, the closer that prosecutors draw to the question Russian influence in dealings with Russia. The more concerned it has to be to the president the notion that the president colluded with Russia or did something improper here, I think, is Ludacris on his face. Collusion is sort of an offhand way to describe a lot of different hello. There was a conspiracy to defraud the United States. While there was some sort of bribery, all of those are within the umbrella of what the special counsel is investigating, irrespective of his potential criminal liability. He certainly has serious political concerns, but he often times in politics. If political realities, what you see, what we see here is a president who is underage at The Cove in it, not legal cloud.
The US president’s former lawyer Michael Cohen is facing a 36-month prison sentence for campaign finance and fraud crimes.

Does this spell legal trouble for Donald Trump? We asked a former federal prosecutor and a Republican strategist for their views.

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