How the Koch-Trump Rift Could Shape the Midterms | NYT News

these are the Koch brothers the billionaire industrialists are frequent targets of democrats for being Mega donors to various Republican but now they’re powerful political network is taking a hard line against President Trump’s tariffs and threatening to withhold port for Republicans who support the president on trade-in other issues for his Network supporters over the weekend we’re seeing a rise in protection is the urge to protect Priscilla’s from change his do many countries throughout history in this protectionist mindset has destroyed countless businesses as well house recently Coke Affiliated political groups have pushed back against the president’s tariffs to keep growing we must be trading terrorists are not the answer Trump’s win in 2016 risk car maker Factory workers and manufacturers to the cofactor Americans for Prosperity also refused to support the North Dakota Republican Senate candidate Kevin Kramer who is running against the Run Rubble Democrat incumbent Heidi heitkamp Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday to blast the Koch brothers calling them a total joke and against strong borders and Powerful trade the conflict is just the latest sample of the rift forming between Republicans who believed in free markets and the protection is president
Charles G. Koch, one of the Republicans’ biggest donors, has been critical of President Trump’s protectionist trade policies. Mr. Trump is hitting back, creating tensions that could affect the party in the midterm elections.

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