How the SNC-Lavalin controversy is affecting voters in Quebec

How the SNC-Lavalin controversy is affecting voters in Quebec
How the SNC-Lavalin controversy is affecting voters in Quebec
It’S one of the busiest neighborhoods in the heart of Montreal has been since 2011, but is up for grabs in October. She says jobs, Healthcare and the economy are the issues that will sway his vote. The election is still two months away, but it’s clear Quebec writings like this one will be important Battlegrounds, particularly for the liberal, is key to the Liberals reelection plant. If it don’t make it’s very hard to see how they can win the election. Think about the liberal, see an opening decided to run for the nomination they’ve recruited, well-known environmental activists, Stephen guilbault, to be their candidate here, highlighting an issue important to many Quebec voters for sure right now, its environment. It’S really important to talk about it still. Some here are undecided, even conflicted about how they’ll vote and for some the snc-lavalin affair has cast a shadow over the Liberals. I’Ve been forever touched me, that’s what I believed then, but ever since lately there’s some things that I’m questioning myself about many things, but for others Athens de lavallade just doesn’t factor in. I don’t think we have the the whole picture. You know like something’s. We hear something we read, but for sure there are some elements we don’t know and I think you sent it was very smart. So probably the way I don’t know that guy. I trust him because it is of the Prime Minister on this filed away and come back as they try to make important gains here to offset potential losses in other provinces. Allison northcott, CBC News, Montreal
As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to defend himself over the SNC-Lavalin affair, voters in Quebec share their reaction to the latest development in the controversy involving the Montreal-based engineering giant.

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