How The Term ‘Climate Change’ Became So Divisive | NBC News Now

How The Term ‘Climate Change’ Became So Divisive | NBC News Now
How The Term ‘Climate Change’ Became So Divisive | NBC News Now
Here’S a Remnant from our most recent flooding, part of someone’s floating dock is still here. This is from Hurricane Matthew. The problem here, Lisa Savage lives just outside Charleston, South Carolina has been called The Ground Zero of climate change, the flooding that I’ve seen its been unprecedented. How do people approach the topic of climate change around here very gingerly? There are some people who will readily talk about flooding, but they don’t want to relate it back to climate change. It seems like it’s affecting all of the communities in the area. It is there. People who have absolutely no their home in 2016 Charleston experienced a record-breaking days of high tide. Floods linked to sea level rise could see 180 days of flooding a year. The effects of climate change is another story, and that’s thanks to politics. To how do you solve a problem? You can’t talk about. Terminology has been a sticking point from the start, who used to be that cheap things to this guy Frank, Luntz, a conservative strategist in 2002? He push Republicans to use the term climate change. The redefine environmental debate, climate change sounded less frightening, has been embraced by democrats form of ND candidates. Parties are taking action. It’S when you bring some man takes into the mix that things get a little complicated definition of global one, and I don’t know where it is. Mcmaster, governor of South Carolina flooding problem 10 task forces, starting with artificial Reef living Shoreline infrastructure of Economic Development. I think it’s a distraction. I don’t call a climate-change. I caught a change in climate become a political conversation. You lose many of them interesting late. Some democratic candidates have started to adopt a new term. Climate crisis is climate crisis South Carolina, even though we be the best way to describe what happens here, 43 things that we have to deal with even on a regular day. Charleston Townes at the float doctors and surgeons from one medical building to another Cunningham is a democratic congressman who represents half of the states Coastline. He flipped the years, something that’s not an issue, you know flooding and these types of problems they affect every single person with or Democrat or Republican, send it and if you’d listen to the science – and we do it’s all caused by the changing climate getting worse and We got to do something about it. This conversation got me thinking. If people are taking action to deal with this problem, does it matter what you call it? This is Jorge Lake off he’s a professor emeritus at UC Berkeley, because the term itself has become so polarizing. Does climate change need a Rebrand humanely cause? It should be called eating. The problem is, we have to quit this extreme narrative. People turn off Armageddon, they won’t process when they can’t come to grips with, which is this. What you came to look at here in South Carolina is what hurts he looks like when it shows up at your front door, because they say that the climate is not changing. Is outrageous. It’S an indefensible position. They see this bed you’re going to be in trouble. You got to move beyond the climate is not changing. What makes South Carolina almost half of Americans see climate change as a major threat, particularly among Republican, but here isn’t hypothetical anymore. You come from a conservative. When did it become a serious issue that you were passionate about honestly when my own children came to me and said you can’t be a climate change denier, Canyon, it’s always been changing. It says in the Bible that it’s been changing. I wasn’t willing to accept that. It was human-caused really because it made me feel guilty, and it’s scary. You know, as a conservative part of that word is conserving so to me it makes sense to want to conserve our environment. It’S still a tough conversation here, but people are starting to have it because they have to climate change is not going away. It’S something. We’Ve contributed to four decades now, it’s time to fix it now it’s time for a NBC News: viewers thanks for checking out our YouTube channel, subscribe down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interview show highlights and digital exclusive thanks for watching
South Carolina has experienced the effects of climate change with record-level flooding over the last few years due to sea level rise, but many are skeptical to use the term. NBC News’ Dasha Burns reports from Charleston to find out why the language around climate change is so polarizing.
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How The Term ‘Climate Change’ Became So Divisive | NBC News Now

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