How this ‘cute couple’ became social media stars – BBC News

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How this ‘cute couple’ became social media stars – BBC News
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we have an influence on people we have always kids watching us and no matter what you can’t argue that we don’t have an influence on these kids do creators the influencers are really the new celebrity Chris together we are our fire I lost my voice what is social media age they met on Tinder and decided after they started dating to combine their social media presence is into a successful brand the to have tens of thousands of followers on Instagram and YouTube where has made its biggest Mark musically really kind of came out of nowhere and is very different and unique format I mean it’s really creating content in video to music that’s really the format they were able to capture and really leverage to try and in a way that nobody else has been successful are really seen her or captured lip syncing videos Witch of Endor defining feature of the absences launched in 2014 some of the apps biggest even been able to translate that into record deals for the content has diversify does audiences continue to grow and grow up now claims it has 100 million monthly users known as musers free teen teen years young as five-years-old to like 30-ish and the interaction is pretty direct like we develop a really close relationship with her fans cuz whenever we go out oh my God like there’s at least that one kid who come up to us and like want to take a picture with us or we like oh my God you’re from musically it’s always been on the screen and like to actually see it in real life happening it’s so crazy to establish their audience of more than one 8 million fans Chris and Charlotte posted five or six short videos every day for 6 months between us and if we have like a really well thought-out Skip and might take a few shots maybe like 20 minutes or so to make a full-on skit type video cuz it’s like a shorter version of YouTube it’s like real quick and get it out there and it gets a lot of attention so I spent a day with Kristen Charlotte to find out what it takes to make it on musically but soon after I visited them we got something news which brings us here all assembled in one room and Hollywood to find out what’s next for the platform and what’s next is to Tick Tock is another short one video app that’s already toddler Indonesia it’s on by by chance Tick Tock already offered a similar experience to musically and if you believe the company’s numbers it’s seen an even greater level of success and shorter. Of time takes out says it’s one of 2018 most downloaded apps why and on social media it’s posted of having 500 million monthly users aside from uniting the Chew at audiences the union will also offer some new features and an upgraded Creator Center for influenster account will that be enough to turn users into ticktockers so far there’s no consensus on social media but for Chris and Charla adapting to change in Social platforms is just another day and influencers work
Millions of people log into every day – and this couple is one of the app’s big names.

OurFire post videos that have earned them a huge legion of fans.

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