How Trump decided to cancel meeting with Taliban

How Trump decided to cancel meeting with Taliban
How Trump decided to cancel meeting with Taliban
I’M going to bring it now: CBS News, White House, correspondent, Paula Reid, was at the White House and our Nicole Killian was at the DC Bureau, thanks to both of you for joining us supposed to take place with the Taliban Camp David and how it ultimately came To be cancelled, atonia, but no one followed up with the question or no one’s able to file for the question of why you would invite Taliban leaders to Camp David so close to the anniversary of 9/11. The president said it was also his idea to cancel that meeting and he dismissed any reports that he was out of it by his advisers or by his vice-president. He said the decision was ultimately kids and Nicole. There was a bipartisan backlash over this. Can you give us a sense of what lawmakers were most concerned with about the meeting with at the off pics of it happening so close to 9/11 was in Camp David? Was it exactly right after the attacks up Gana Stan was Ground Zero that I was a place of that was known to Harbor House heide. You know that was the place and then to the USS trucks, first being overly lunch. This war that we’ve been in up for the last you know decade-plus, and so, for instance, he had a number of Republican lawmakers who were quite as vocal after the president put out that tweet saying he had canceled these transfer instant setlist chain. That was once who said that, and you know no member should step foot in Camp David ever a meeting. No member of the Taliban also, you had congressman Adam kinzinger from Illinois. Also, who is very vocal about this, a saying that you know there should never be leaders of a terrorist organization, a stepping foot in our great country and also keep in mind of that listing, for instance, also pointed out the Camp David. This was the place where the US response to 9/11 was planned. So again, just the audacity, as you mentioned, the Optics of a potentially trying to host a Taliban leaders there cuz, I really didn’t sit well with a lot of members of Congress. Although you heard other president, there say that the alternative would have been the White House which he feels he would have gotten criticised. I had he chosen that as a location in Afghanistan. He said our soldiers are serving as policeman over there. He said the government really needs to step up. He said we want to get out, but we’ll get out at the right time. So is there any more clarity, any more insight into how the president plans to go about withdrawing troops now that these talks have broken down still was committed to that planet? Has that I’m working on it and others? He said I know, but I won’t tell you whether or not he’s still committed to the specific plan that this is not a new problem, two of his predecessors and well, as you noted, he campaigned on this promise. It turns out that it is much more difficult to deliver on this, even if you wanted to negotiate with the Taliban as soon as news has learned that the White House was concerned that the folks would have been there at the table doing these negotiations, we’re necessarily In control of the folks on the ground committing these atrocities is very difficult to negotiate with folks like this, which is why now the 3rd Administration is having a difficult time deciding. How exactly do you draw this down, president made about the Bahamas and the refugees from the Bahamas, to clear that he was not willing to give any any immigration any documentation requirements for these refugees, claiming that there were some people in the Bahamas? What exactly is the White House is stamps now the president, over the last couple of days has said that the United States would really do all that it can to help of the Bahamas, and, as he mentioned, that you know his remarks at work. A slightly different today in the sensor, but he was responding to you, know these reports, where we have heard and I’ll people having to disembark up from these rescue ships rescue fairies. If he will see that we’re coming to the United States are from the Bahamas, they did not have a US Visa zoso. The president of reiterating up today at the Bahamas, has a tremendous problem with people who aren’t supposed to be there. You know he went on to say that a large sections of the Bahamas a warrant. So again, obviously we have all seen those pictures of Devastation in Grand Bahama, Island and avocado. All the presidents has seen me to stick by at least it for now these keeping restrictions in place and not allowing to come here into the us if they don’t have proper documents. A certainly there have been calls up to a wave that, in light of the situation in the Bahamas best, but at least the presidents have for now willing to certainly offer humanitarian assistance that but not willing to necessarily allow people to come here to the USF. From the Bahamas for Relief, if they don’t have the necessary document, you ask the president specifically about this issue. How did he respond to tell me? I was quite surprised when we can expect his gun control proposal. It is expected measures of Ghana come to the president in the white house. We know they’ve been dozens of meetings in the white house instead of Snappers on this issue, so we are anticipating some proposal from the White House. It was my term gun control, and that is something important members of both parties. He said yeah the Republicans were talking. The Democrats were talking to Republicans that many things, including as I described it, but he was non-committal on a timeline that would look like, but he ended his answer. Tanya by thing we have to protect the strong, the Second Amendment, and that is something we will do strongly So based on his answer, it sounds like he is heavily. I input from the NRA. I am concerned that some folks have if he goes too deep in on this issue or leans into too much with us at this, could have consequences for him in 2020 was very surprised to hear that.. No insurance is only a reminder about the importance of the Second Amendment. Can I give any Congressional Republicans the courage to pass any gun-control legislation without cover from the president? We do it’s got to come from the president. There is an expectation. The president will present something, but today he’s really didn’t give anyone on either side of the aisle any indication that this is how it has agenda and whatever comes out, is unlikely to be anything to comprehensive call, Paula, Reid and Nicole Killian. Thank you. So much
Donald Trump scrapped secret Taliban talks after a U.S. soldier was killed in Afghanistan. He defended his decision to call off negotiations despite officials saying a peace deal was imminent. White House correspondent Paula Reid and CBS News’ Nikole Killion address how the president came to this decision.

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