How Trump is fuelling the Epstein-Clinton conspiracy

How Trump is fuelling the Epstein-Clinton conspiracy
How Trump is fuelling the Epstein-Clinton conspiracy
I have no idea, I know he was on his plane 27 times and he said he was on the plane Court time, but when they checked the plane last Bill Clinton. Who is a very good friend of that thing? Who was going to play in about twenty-seven or twenty-eight time and with that Donald Trump defended his decision to boost a conspiracy theory time former US President Bill Clinton to convicted sex offender and now deceased, financier Jeffrey app on Friday, New York, City’s medical examiner, confirmed Epstein Did hang himself in prison, but the post, which Trump retweeted suggested Bill and Hillary Clinton were responsible for his death. We have to say there is no evidence they were involved in any way with our spring back to you as political panel in Washington, Linda Feldman, for the Christian Science Monitor and Kaylee McGee from the Washington examiner. So I Kaylee I’m going to ask you to start us off here because, as we said without evidence August through here at the threads that have essentially helped create this conspiracy theory involved with Jeffrey Epstein. Now we don’t know what the nature of that relationship is, and obviously a lot of hopes that Epstein would have been able to elaborate on that and obviously now he can’t so. Obviously, this kind of has led the darker channels of the web to go crazy with their Clinton conspiracy theories, and this is the results. This is the result that you know, Linda, as we talked about Trump trying to tie Clinton to Epstein. There are also some questions about Trump’s ties, so does that idiom about glasshouses apply here set the Donald Trump was engaging and the kind of child prostitution that Jeffrey Epstein was allegedly doing himself so Donald Trump new Jeffrey Epstein. They had socializers video of them. Socializing famous quote from Donald Trump from about 15 years ago, where he talked about her Jeffrey Epstein quote like some young Donald Trump has his own face, has his own allegations about involvement with with women and sexual assault, but not age women. So I think in this case we have to be careful not to let the all the conspiracies. I get too far out there that there’s there’s no evidence that either Bill Clinton or Donald Trump and gays in this kind of activity that free Upstate apparently did. I absolutely no evidence interesting. I’D Trump is the one throwing out Clinton’s name on not the other way around here using Clinton’s Dame throwing it out there. Is that meant to be a distraction from other issues, so the economy, mass shootings in Dayton or or El Paso? For example, there’s a larger strategy, and I do think that’s one of the reasons. Why could help him and perhaps why he continues to float these conspiracy theories is because it portrays the clintons and a damaging light and anytime that he has the chance to remind the voters of how crony and how corrupt crooked Hillary was it only. You can look better, so you had a very unlike despot in that popular candidate that ran against Trump in 2016, and now you don’t have that same problem in 2020 you have Uncle Joe, who is a familiar household name, and he not just legs like Hillary Clinton. Was so Trump is trying as hard as he can to remind voters of why they voted for him in 2016 eye makeup that are at least suggest something disparaging about Democrats. I do this is the summer replacement Series. This is Donald Trump vamping onstage before the cameras before he knows who he will be facing in the presidential race next year. So it’s kind of the warm-up act, but yes, he is trying to attached the negative impressions of Hillary to the current Democratic field. Although I will point out that Hillary Clinton did get three million more votes than Donald Trump in the election in 2016, so she might not have been the most popular nominee. But she wasn’t exactly soundly reject her so and to your point, basically keeping the bass wrapped up until they actually know who the opponent will be. It’S a conspiracy that is true that is Linda Feldman, with the Christian Science Monitor and Kaylee McGee with a Washington examiner. Have a great Sunday to thanks, Michael
The New York City medical examiner ruled Jeffrey Epstein’s death a suicide on Friday, but that didn’t squelch conspiracy theories about his death.

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