How US teens talk about sexual assault – BBC News

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How US teens talk about sexual assault – BBC News
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How US teens talk about sexual assault – BBC News
It’S a big big problem. I didn’t realize it was conversation I needed to have until I had the conversation very aware of what’s going on. I hope that in the future will handle this better. It’S something my friends and I talked about almost on a daily basis. Either in our own lives, or in what’s going in the world, are in media, it was becoming an uncomfortable, invisible elephant in the room. You really see it come up a lot when a media figure gets accused of sexual violence, but outside of that, don’t talk about consent, rape, culture or any of the underlying issues casually or in anyway. Honestly, our country and the politics that were meant to support us were turning their back on all of us good morning of the hearing, and we talked about it. The entire class., my personal Island, high school student in Mayfield, like that, could have been me and some people oppose them, come up to me and expressed how they felt about it, and it was just really sad that they felt like they couldn’t do anything about it. And in turn would be blamed for everything and change. It was so horrible and heartbreaking for me to hear it. Those are just is really frustrating to see to be a girl or young woman and have to deal with these things, and it’s generally accepted that. Well, that’s because boys will be boys or that just the way the world works. I do think there’s a long way to go. I still know people who, post on their Instagram stories like respect women, value women, treat all women with respect, and I had maybe seen them trying to make out with a girl who is intoxicated at a party a week before. If sexual assault happens and it’s perpetrated by a younger boy, we say that we don’t want to ruin his life for his future and then when it happens, and it comes out as an adult, we say that we shouldn’t hold the don’t accountable for the actions of His past self, and maybe that he’s changed and what that does the traps, the survivors in between one man’s past women’s present because of our own interests. That know my generation’s me know when it ends everything you know, but it’s so slow fight, but they know it’s. It’S a fine dust, but you know it’s a thing. One
The Kavanaugh hearings and #MeToo movement are shaping conversations high school students are having about sex.
As part of the BBC’s Ask America project we talked to teenagers involved in Change the Talk, a Los Angeles programme bringing peer-to-peer sexual violence education into high schools.
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