How will Facebook impact this year’s federal election?

How will Facebook impact this year’s federal election?
You pull out this morning says more than 60 % of Canadians say Facebook will have a negative or somewhat negative effect on the next federal election. That is according to a survey conducted by Nanos research for the Globe and Mail with marijuana bringing Nick Nanos hi there. Hey how you doing I’m doing well, thank you, but more did Canadians have to say about this. A federal election in 2019 social media has played a major role in most elections and in some elections it’s been very controversial in the United States and Germany in the United Kingdom. So you know what this phone that we did with the Global Mail. Ask Canadians. You know what type of impact that they thought Facebook would happen, as you said, six out of every and thought that would be a negative or somewhat negative impact. The other thing that we asked was what type of job do you think Facebook does at monitoring itself? It’S it’s social media ecosystem from a political perspective and seven out of every ten said that the Facebook does a very poor or pour job. So the the kicker here and the number that really surprised me was that even younger Canadians, those social media-savvy, politically engage Canadians still give Facebook a thumbs down in terms of potential negative impact on the election and how it performs in monitoring its social media ecosystem. A lot of Canadians are expecting a lot of confusion, and perhaps you know what I’ll say a lot of negativity on Facebook. It also means that you know when we what we’ve seen it at elections in other places, where we’ve seen fake news, false statements, people try, manipulating game and influence voters, and also foreign countries and foreign actors trying to disrupt the elections that I think for a lot Of Canadians, they think that that’s going to happen here. You know this should be a big wake-up call for Facebook that there’s an expectation monitor their ecosystem to a certain expect, a certain extent and probably explains why the government and and the opposition parties are all focused on what the impact of social media might be, because Everyone wants Canadians to make an informed decision anything undermines that is not good for democracy. Thanks so much great to see you as always,
More than 60 per cent of Canadians say it will have a negative impact on this year’s election. Nik Nanos with analysis on the numbers.

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