How will the markets react to a US-China trade deal?

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How will the markets react to a US-China trade deal?
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How will the markets react to a US-China trade deal?
Now, what to bring in the coming collapse of Tylenol for Gordon Chang and money map press at their Chief strategist, Keith, fitz-gerald and Gordon? Let me start with you: you’ve been skeptical and I was listening to the interpretation from the the China trade, the representative there. It’S the same thing with her from presidency at that big Gathering that they were going to start the implementing the sort of measures that would punish Enterprise. You know what they’ve been acting on behalf, but they’ve been acting on behalf of the Communist party as well, especially, we saw the first number for January, which continue the downward trend for December battle between the state-run Enterprises in these private companies. I mean the 300 unicorns out there, 26 % are in China, probably are pushing a pressure in a country, yet we do need IP protection. Foreign companies, the biggest victims, are Chinese private entrepreneurs in the tech sector, also outside the tech sector. But the point is Xi. Jinping does believe in a state-dominated economy. He believes that the Communist Party should dictate what goes on Green State Enterprises get most of the liquidity and in the banking system, and you end up with a system which is really oriented towards the state. Of course, the marketwatch’s. This very very closely. We don’t have to tell you that for a lot of volatility last year, in particular to the downside, Keith and increasing tariffs feel, like pots, have gone well, we’ll go maybe behind the March deadline, but with an extension at the Olive Branch still out there. What the reaction be from the market, my own personal knowledge of China II, the informal dinner that they attended last night and significant, because the Chinese do a lot of business when they’re not doing business so over drinks over dinner. That’S how friendship could build and really things happen behind the scene so to me the market if we get annexed but there’s progress, I think that’s good we’re going to get a little bit of a warm-up, but if they come out with a deal that truly settled Intellectual property that truly protect talking like a huge like 10 % more I mean just an instant move to the upside, I think is going outside, because Traders are going to have to get in front of the potential they see building so he’s going to be there Going to be a quick reaction and then there’s going to be as the bigger portfolios catch up with that expectation dinner last night, much more warm tone from both sides, not nearly the kind of sabre-rattling we dealt with almost all of last. Well, I think there will be some sort of deal, but I don’t think it’s going to be in the long-term interests of the United States. Companies are going to be admitted. They were supposed to be admitted in 2006. There was a WTO case that we won in 2012 and there’s still no American Credit Card issuance that are able to issue their own and show you going to happen to 2020. So yeah the Chinese will say anything, but I do believe the market will go up. A lot and when they see that these is not working out about a year or two from now it’s going to go back down again. Both sides walk away a visibly upset. Then we have a serious problem because the risk is Xi. Jinping is a caged animal. With this standpoint you know President Trump is putting the pressure on him and the biggest thing as he goes Hardline South America, who fills a vacuum. We’Ve left in the Middle East there’s a lot of challenges. They are not one of which bodes well for us.
“The Coming Collapse of China” author Gordon Chang and Money Map Press chief strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald discuss China’s alleged theft of American IP and how the market will react if the Trump administration makes a trade deal with the Chinese.

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