How will the midterm power shift change Washington?

How will the midterm power shift change Washington?
Thank you very much. What’S Donald Trump’s view of the message to him in last night’s midterms, I think people like me. I think people like the job, I’m doing Franklin. That’S despite voters giving Democrats control of the house of setting aside whatever Trump thinks, voters. Think of him. It’S Democrats, you know, has to worry about come January. They’Ll have an array of new powers, not least to investigate pretty much anything. They want Trump policies: environment, immigration, Healthcare, his conduct as president, his personal finances Trump threatened. Today. If Democrats investigate him, the Republican said it will investigate Democrats. They can play that game, but we can play it better. Then there’s the biggie with control of the house Democrats will also be able to begin impeachment hearings if they so choose on that today, from Trump disdain mockery, let’s, let’s impeach the president and then will impeach the vice president. These people are sick and you know what they have to get their. Bearing really that big anymore said the woman likely to lead Democrats in the house who suggested impeachment isn’t a priority. It is their job and duties. She said none-the-less to oversee the president, will make their decision and make their recommendations out to the caucus, but you can be sure of one thing: when we go down any of these paths will know what we’re doing and we’ll do it right. The president today had another descriptor saying he’d: consider that a warlike posture, signaling politics in the US Capitol are now set to turn even uglier Paul Hunter CBC News, Tallahassee Florida
Widely viewed as a referendum on Trump’s presidency, Tuesday’s midterm results offered a split decision that revealed deep tensions in the American electorate. How do these results change the way Washington works?

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