How worried should the West be about China? – BBC News

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How worried should the West be about China? – BBC News
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How worried should the West be about China? – BBC News
I’Ve been coming to trying to put 30 years knob country on Earth that changed as much as China has in that time. But of course it’s making the West really nervous, but I’m off now to see whether that nervousness is Justified. Hello good morning unlock the face to try and straighten up a little bit taking setting of The Great Wall Ukrainian model poses for a British fashion photographer still, it’s the dress, that’s the center of attention and that’s Chinese designed. Yes, China is open to the world, but increasingly on China’s own terms, the wall was built to keep the outside world at arm’s length. Now, the long centuries of isolation / singing now for a flight to Chengdu in the center China, but three hours away, we go to find out some more about China’s belt and Road initiative from people who are involved in them today. Everything here is about Outreach. China’S building an immense new transport Network, the belt and Road initiative to spread its goods and influence well. Flight UA cashing, is a small Cog in this boss project Logistics manager, working on a Voss new airport in Chengdu. I feel extremely excited and I feel the responsibility on my shoulders. I understand to the country’s development. We need to make personal replaces one sacrifice separated from his door saying she is in Africa working on a new airport for Zambia. Part of the open road initiative is China buying up Africa. Well, if so, Africa doesn’t seem to object. Now it’s big this entry dance for a hundred driverless cars was staged by China’s rival to Google Baidu and they allow me to be the first journalist to go on board that driverless bus. I just think the Erie experience. Why do has Global ambition, yet its president insist that China isn’t a threat? It is a positive force of the world and I think you need to understand that the world needs for companies like Baidu. We are a global ponder it. All week we arrived in China, but also we’d like to be a global player, feature film about Chinese forces rescue England national support real-life. China is acting tough than defense with claims in the South, China, Sea and people here, like that, the decades now, China’s being biting its time getting quietly, richer and stronger. Now, though, it feels the moments arrived a year to go over there and the Grateful the people pigeon ping, whose lead of life. If he chooses to be committed China to becoming a world leader in innovation, in influence and in military power. What he did – and I had was that Cho, it’s all said the coming fall, more authoritarian guidelines, jail on simply disappear, the name of a government critic on social media. We would like to arrange an interview, see what happens when you do that sent it. Even though he’s constantly monitored to meet up with another dissident leave that song a journalist who recently wrote strongly critical of President XI, I’m more and more concentrated the country will be more activity. There will be more standing on the rule of law. The Outlook is completely pessimistic, so different from the West. It demands total obedience to the state represents any outside criticism, though China and sis it’s no threat to the West. So, what’s the official ask the government for an interview and it wasn’t possible, they said, but I’ve come here to a think tank which is closely Affiliated to the government. The China Institute of international studies see what an expert here thinks about it all hello, good morning, honey. Thank you so much for coming, but I smell China’s intention. You know the challenge: do you have stairs or chat? Even you know to challenge the existing International order. We tried it fine, but what is it all come down to friend? Well, it’s too rich and twinkling to flex its muscles to be an easy friend. Yet it’s no trouble unchecked can have a dangerous habit of turning really nasty. Don’T Simpson, BBC news on the grateful
How nervous should the West be about China?

The vast nation is pouring money into Africa, taking over reefs in the disputed South China Sea, and engaging in a trade war with the US, raising Western concerns that a more assertive China could alter the power balance on the world stage.

BBC World Affairs Editor John Simpson has been reporting from China for 30 years. He returns to find fashion shoots, a driverless bus, and growing authoritarianism, as he explores whether China is a friend, foe or rival of Western countries.

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