How you can see Mars at its closest in years

it’s telling people to get outside tonight you know why it’s because you’ll be able to see this the planet Mars in the night sky the red planet will be making its closest approach to Earth since 2003 and you can see this without any high-tech equipment of bringing Nicole mortillaro and Nicole is very cool I love this stuff so tell us how close is going to be it’s pretty far 57 million km away it’s pretty close and it’s closest as since it was supposed to it’s it in it when you look up in the sky it’s a difference not drivable distance and they orbit the Sun at different speeds so what ends up happening is his kind of a catch-up game right so every so often to see this traffic here we orbiting there’s a catch up see and then truly we become you know the closest point so when you’re in an elliptical orbit at one point you’re the farthest away and another other time to the closest storm is that right on Mars we would have made it harder to see really dark features on the planet but he can’t see as much now but it is settling but what point you couldn’t see any future anything at all 30th and snow NASA said the dust is starting to settle as opposed to being brought up into the air so how do I see this rare event like a solar know it’s exactly so you just walk around the country trying to pick a uniform time that everybody can see it local time you can see Mars rising in the East but the leader in the the better it gets high up in the sky just look east-southeast and you will see it and you will be able to tell the difference because it looks like a red star but a really really bright red star you’ll be able to see it it’s pretty it’s a pretty big difference where’s normally when it’s not as close to You piano is that a little Thin Red Star but this you can really help for a Science and Tech reporter how big of a deal is this for you and how exciting you know I mean I have a telescope and I’m going to let you know I will take a look at it maybe tonight I’m not sure depending on the clouds but it’s it’s it’s just amazing to be able to see the planets in motion and be able to take a look at this planet that it’s been thinking about for Generations but visiting and maybe we will soon and how long does this last so people can see it tonight you can see it all like until the end of the year if you just get dinner that’s all but you can see it and don’t forget the other planet to Saturn and Jupiter up there too
Mars and Earth will be 57.6 million kilometres apart, the closest the two planets have been in 15 years. Even though that’s still relatively far away, you’ll be able to see the Red Planet in the night sky without a telescope — and it’ll be bright, too.

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