Huda Kattan: The makeup world Celebrity – BBC News

Huda Kattan: The makeup world Celebrity – BBC News
Youtube she knows what the people want to find that face what products you want up on your face. Sometimes, when I got my family, they don’t like the attention we get, but it’s also a big part of my job and I like to talk to the community of people. Who’Ve been touched by our brand, and a lot of these people are inspired to create their own brand, are 2 interchange for job they’re, inspired by different levels of you know the story that I’ve gone through it sometimes, if it’s not always a silly Beauty, they just Feel like they want a change in my life, and that gives me so much inspiration and I think it’s very humbling as well against just it makes me emotional every single time. You know I just it’s really it’s really comforting when you see that just makes you feel like what you’re doing has purpose. You know cuz, it’s so easy. I think when you start your business and there’s there’s financial gain when you didn’t come into for the financial game to feel lost, and so when that happens, you start to feel purpose, and it really is it’s such an overwhelming feeling to clne feel the love and Appreciation we appreciate and love it. You know return without its emotional
Huda Kattan is a celebrity in the makeup world, she meets her UK fans for the first time.

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Huda Kattan from Huda beauty meets her UK fans for the first time at a meet-and-greet.

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