‘Humans will go to Mars,’ European Space Agency chief tells FRANCE 24

‘Humans will go to Mars,’ European Space Agency chief tells FRANCE 24
‘Humans will go to Mars,’ European Space Agency chief tells FRANCE 24
Hello and welcome to the france24 Institute director of the European Space Agency. He is a guy’s. Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Do you remember what you were doing and I remember it very well. I was 15 years old, it was 2 days after my fifteenth birthday and I do not remember my birthday not at all. I don’t know, but I remember this evening and this night very well. I was sitting in front of a black-and-white TV set which was no disadvantage because it was anyhow only black and white. I was looking to all the presentations before the landing. Then the eagle has landed this famous sentence and then also a Neil Armstrong first to his food on the surface of the Moon, snow winter, the surface of the Moon, so the footprints are still there, but I think there is more 50 years after and all of Us are now talking worldwide about this event. That shows already that there is a lot of Heritage, its Heritage of the past, it sorta from me. It’S the clear message for the future so going beyond their is going Beyond also lowers all of it where no man has gone before. So this is really. What is the heritage of that we should go. First. Is that the Americans that want to go back to the moon, the Chinese are talking about? I want to go forward because going back to the Moon would be the same as 50 years ago in racing space about to pick power supply and therefore, I always say, let’s go forward to the Moon in a different set up with different reasons: to do science To do technology inspiration fascination with the future, and I have the feeling that right now, the different states worldwide, a cooperating to go together and not in a strong competition. Competition is a driver for humankind, but cooperation is enabling to go together to the Moon is something which is very nice. Do European Space Agency. We are collecting all the ideas of our 22 member states and by that and also by getting the money from these member states, we can do other things. A single nation cannot afford and therefore he’s out, I love going to the moon phora to the moon. So we are part of the Americans when they really go back to the Moon as they would like to do it 2024. Then we will go together. That means we will go forward to the Moon because out of the new launch system towards the Moon is produced in Europe, it’s a so-called European service module to go to the surface of the Moon and back, and I will have some elements if you’re up, so We are looking forward to really to be part of the game. We have our own Moon missions, but also together with you. It was not United States issue New York. From my point of view, this financial issue is always overestimated and its value. It’S not a lot of money, so you see, we asked European citizens how much money do you pay for space and the European citizens after survey said about 250 and proximity 250 euro per year and citizen? In fact, it’s only 10:00, which is a get, and if we look to the human spaceflight is less than 1 past citizen of European Citizen and pay your so it’s not expensive at all., I’m not talkin about inspiration, Fascination about awareness about our tiny planet, but also About money’s money and invested in space gets in economic development is not expensive, and space has a very good enough investment. The rise of populism, the organ brexit undermine the future of the European Space Agency, the country’s Indies. Are they try to combine their National interest with these sets outside of the director-general to remain in Iza, and I think we can really show that Europe is working that you are in. Europe is living because working together and Beyonce’s National activities of all the different member states. This is a beauty of Jesus that isn’t that sense, its unique identity and it’s working a lot with private companies. How does the European Space Agency work very first day out so private activities? It’S a little bit forgotten in this discussion or just be friends, died on Space. The company, which is the provider for the launches, is a private organization and all the spacecraft that you pass a bill, spy private industry. But of course, we also look into changing the methods of how to prepare space activities that we have, for instance, now a public-private Partnerships very successful already, especially in the field of telecommunications satellites. But now we have water public-private partnership in the area of launches in the area of Earth observation and very recently, we also introduced it in a very special way for space safety, meaning space debris removal to a service of. So we are asking industry to deliver and we will pay for it it. So it’s a different types of Europe. Europe is not at all lacking behind. In this respect, when you talk about going beyond the moon, we immediately think about Nas. Is it possible today to send a man to Mars it will be possible to them and to send Youmans to Mars, but don’t ask me when it will be normally. I say when I’m asked: when will be the first, you are peeing on the surface of the Moon. I say it’s supposed to be a Monday, but I don’t know which one and then we can choose say we can go tomorrow. So humans will go tomorrow. Climbing up Mount Everest Optical in the deep sea, so it is in our in our DNA to go beyond in there, for humans will travel to Mars and back so I’m very much in favor or not to have one one trip only go back and to go Forth and back because this is a very important, so I not favoring colonization of mars or moon for infinite time, because the Earth is much the most beautiful, more beautiful than the other ones. But yes, humans will go to Mars. But April takes time, because it’s much more difficult than to go to moon to go to the Moon, you can do it in one week to go there and back tomorrow to text two years was today’s technology and every should be very sure that we can get The people back so that far it’s a different story, developing Technologies, Francis also how to use resources when we go to tomorrow, we should use him as material also as a shelter for the astronauts. These Technologies is a good thing to do it on the moon outside to use, for instance, water. We have on the moon, we found now it’s a water and how to use water either for the astronauts to drink as a propulsion for a return rocket. Hydrogen and oxygen, the Moon, is just a perfect testbed and also to for Trevor’s to outsmart Village villages in complicated word. Multi-Partner, open concept is not one project where we build some houses church and maybe about whatever working together like in village on Earth. People are coming together to work together with different interests, different capacities, and this is exactly what is happening right now and I’m very glad to see this. So the Moon is right now already because all they different actors, worldwide, public and private, robotic and astronauts open concept which I defined as Ramon Villa. So I’m the moon, Village smallest effect right now and if I’m very happy, if the Americans go to the surface of the Moon, then this is part of the Moon Village, because two are going there with different interests different and we’re doing it. And how tall is the Japanese, the Russian, so it is already so there is not a certain day now. This Monday, we start with the first building of the Moon Village. The moon Village is the concept, is the idea and the ID is now a reality? How do you explain that we went from a race to space between two superpowers in the 1960s to an international corporation today, not so well-known.. There are some interactions already outside that time, but you’re right. It was a racing space. It was about prestigious and all of this very strongly, but the surface of the Moon. That was a European experiment with Sanada, which was even there before the flag of the Americans. That was an experiment of the Swiss University band, so it to measure the solar flares play some Corporation and the 1975. That was the first step where we saw that the Americans and the Russians had the stories of Apollo Rendezvous and docking. That was a very important step forward. Today, we are in a totally different set up. We are working together in space beyond all the Earthly crisis, even if they are sanctions and all of this, and therefore the beauty of space today is that we are really beyond the Earthly crisis and it’s very important for humankind that we’re working together. Thank you very much, and I wanted to thank you for watching from 24, I’m here in kenitra Morocco, with arms over. I you he contacted us with a problem presented by Derek Thompson on France, 24 en France, 24. Com,
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To mark the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing, FRANCE 24 spoke to Johann-Dietrich Wörner, the director general of the European Space Agency (ESA), about the legacy of Apollo 11. “I don’t want to go back to the Moon, I want to go forward to the Moon,” he said. Wörner also predicted that astronauts will land on the red planet, Mars. Finally, he emphasised the importance of international cooperation in space: “The beauty of space today is that we are really [going] beyond the earthly crises.”

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