Hundreds gather in Toronto’s Greektown for vigil after fatal mass shooting

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Hundreds gather in Toronto’s Greektown for vigil after fatal mass shooting
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clearly there more people than just the neighborhood but I can tell you that everyone from the neighborhood is here as well we’re regards to face gender ethnicity we come together and we come together in the time of Happiness we come together in the thymus especially come together when somebody tries to divide us my son could it be my built-in Roku to be my grandchild you would understand if you don’t understand call gathered last night of the vigil for victims of Sunday’s deadly trono shooting solidarity grief in defiance ran Hi Megan Fitzpatrick is that the scene of the memorial this morning so Megan take us through some of what happened last night and I further down the street on Danforth Avenue and then a large crowd did make their way here to Alexander the Great Park at this is right around where the shooting began on Sunday night and there was several speakers last night the music was played obviously people can’t in going to lay flowers here and add to the growing tributes to the two young victims who lost their lives of people putting cars here stuffed animals there were a number of friends of the victims here we know some of the teammates of the young 10 year old girl my clothes as soon as I competitive synchronized swimming and some of her teammates were here Marathon Tori was here Premier drug for among the attendees a lot of Tears a lot of emotion of but it was a an evening where the community was coming together or not people just from Greektown at this neighborhood is known but all across the city as well I just spoke to a woman who lives in the neighborhood who was here last night she was here again this morning and talked about how important it was for people to come together and really comfort each other and CBC spoke to some people last night we’re here who said this was just a very important opportunity to show strength and solidarity take a listen to what this woman said who originally is from Rwanda and is that a genocide Survivor and lives here now here’s what she said about coming the last night we have to show that what happened here should not happen anywhere else and we are against violence in any form and it happens if he’s home so we have to stand up and keep done for tonight whenever I hear the violence like this I feel so hard to talk about keeping the Danforth alive a lot of the talk messages written here on the pavement and the fountain Danforth strong but one of the other message I’ve seen written Hannah says enough is enough and actually on some of the trees here there’s signs that somebody put up that sort of have an antique gun Massacre gun control method another poster reads ban handguns so Sunset people want their political leaders to do something about the number of shootings that have been happening in Toronto this summer alone and John territory the mayor was here last night and he spoke a bit about what the city is doing to tackle that issue. answers but that they think they should be hardened by is that all of their governments you know in and working with the Police Service the federal government the branch of government we are all meeting at like constantly to try and figure out what we can do we’re just going to keep at this because keeping the city safe fundamental priority for all of us and this is one of those issues on which there’s no daylight between any of us on working this out and doing whatever we can in the meantime though Hannah really that the green and continues here in this community and Beyond to the Julian and closes the younger victim with her Markham Ontario north of Toronto and her family obviously devastating as a surprise if he has had the family is respond but I can tell you this community is still bustling and busy even in the early morning here there’s people coming by having their morning coffee and really but coming by to pay their tributes and paws and reflect on what happened here on Sunday night and Meghan based on the investigation what are police telling CBC the latest is that we have learned according to Ashley source that the gunman on Sunday night did dive a self-inflicted bullet wounds we knew made his way down damn 4th shooting into the cafes and restaurants police arrived on the scene quite quickly Hannah found the suspect and there was an exchange of gunfire and then he fled and he was found dead on Danforth Avenue but the police had unofficially said yet whether he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound or as a result of that gun fire with police now the SIU is investigating this as they always do when there’s this kind of incident between police and a suspect they haven’t officially said this but this is what we’re being told from as well as some other information about the firearm that they see that he’s a firearm in their apartment search on Monday where the where the suspect lived along with sneezing a lot of ammunition were told by the police or us as well so details being learned about the investigation and will keep looking for any police updates today on that front
Just days after the shooting on Toronto’s Danforth Avenue that took the lives of two people and injured 13 others, hundreds gathered to honour the victims affected by the tragedy.

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