Hunter under fire for displaying deer carcass on back of truck

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Hunter under fire for displaying deer carcass on back of truck
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Hunter under fire for displaying deer carcass on back of truck
A photo posted to social media of a dead deer being transported a sparking, a conversation about the etiquettes of hunters tonight, um or appalled at how the animal is being moved, While others say they aren’t offended thrown from now on the picture. That’S telling thousand words a hundred Saskatoon is getting some criticism for the way a dead deer was transported. The debate surrounds the picture circulating on social media. A deer displayed hanging from the back of a truck. I just immediately thought that it was disrespectful to the animal. The animal sacrifice to feed that family, like the post, getting hundreds of reactions and shares with a spectrum of opinions, some Hunter’s calling it distasteful, Play Ride from a retail store fine, but this is not the place out on the highway. The back of a truck is where most hunters Hall animals, but in this case it appears aquatic took up most of the room and two trips bva TV bring your dear illegal. We have are those that oppose hunting, and so this just could add fuel to that fire. So there’s a better way to to take your prize home. He acknowledges this isn’t a common practice and is reminding Hunters to be considerate to Ron Finnell CTV News, Saskatoon
A conservation officer is reminding hunters to be considerate after a picture of a deer carcass hanging off the back of a truck sparked outrage.

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