Hurricane Dorian almost ruined this couple’s Florida wedding

Hurricane Dorian almost ruined this couple’s Florida wedding
Hurricane Dorian almost ruined this couple’s Florida wedding
Hey Batter, I’m good, you made it my professor from my master’s program, cuz. He had moved and him and his wife, we decided to go, get some dinner and he just fine how’s the wedding planning going. I came. I have no idea that anything was happening. A lot of talk of closing airports in canceling – you know it was. It was a little stressful, too kind of you know, hear about it, but you know Alex, and I we really had to make the decision not freaked out, despite all of the chaotic strategic planning that we had to do there still peace about it. We met also at a wedding and she was all dressed up and I was in shredded jeans and a t-shirt T thought I was working for maintenance or something – and I thought she was – is Greek goddess walking down. So that’s what you looked away and yes, what a shame.! You know that I was dressed like that, but she still thought it was cool, stop the wedding yeah, even if it was in a homeless, shelter. Yeah. I flew here from New Mexico. She flew down from Florida. All of her family has flown here from Canada, Puerto Rico that the hurricane list, and so yeah we’re having it. Nonetheless, I think from this experience I think we realize that we’re a great team – it’s not based on all the the beautiful decorations or it’s about Dino the family coming together, and you know standing before the Lord committing to each other. You know we are becoming 1 and here we are saying I want to choose you for life. We don’t have to be chaotic, chaotic around us. We can still find the joy and find the peace within it doesn’t matter if the flowers weren’t ride doesn’t matter. If we were supposed to have seven bridesmaids or we’re supposed to have, you know this certain person to do my hair but Pino the pictures, look at and we’re still here. 20 years later, you know
When Candy Hernández and Alex Robichaud planned their destination wedding, they were not expecting a hurricane to interrupt their plans. But after news of Hurricane Dorian started to spread, many vendors cancelled and they were left to scramble to save their special day. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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