Hurricane Dorian hits Atlantic Canada as Category 2 storm

Hurricane Dorian hits Atlantic Canada as Category 2 storm
Hurricane Dorian hits Atlantic Canada as Category 2 storm
But let’s begin with hurricane Dorian. Has started to arrive in the Atlantic provinces after its deadly trip up the US east coast, and it has just been upgraded to a category 2 storm, bringing a potentially powerful punch to Nova Scotia New Brunswick PTI later today. People in coastal areas are being warned to watch out for storm surges as the wind and waves pushed the Atlantic provinces in Nova. Scotia people are being warned to voluntarily evacuate in some places, but so far there are no mandatory evacuation orders in place. Nova Scotia may take the biggest hit as the storm passes over and by tonight. Dorian will reach all the way North to Newfoundland. Well, this is Jamie’s fraction is down at the waterfront in Halifax with the wind and waves are lashing at the city So Jamie. Let’S begin with a situation around you, I can see that it has stop in the last hour since you – and I spoke last – it’s remarkable Michael to stand down here at the waterfront and just watch the intensity of this storm increase our by Our Moment by moment. In the last few minutes alone, the winds have really really increased, and if I can I’m going to get my cameraman to pan out into the harbor here – and you can just get a sense of the size and ferocity of these waves started crashing up over the Dockside here was a lot of debris floating around in the harbor and that’s the that’s, the real danger weather that gets washed over onto the dock, but I can tell you it’s really remarkable in the last even moment since I smoked you, I can feel myself getting Flown over a little bit, and you can feel the rain really pick up – that wind really pick up and just a general intensity of the storm, really gather a lot of momentum. Gathering momentum, as you say, City officials also give you an update today. Talk to us about how Metro Halifax and getting ready here, because they say they have learned lessons from Hurricane one back in 2014 – change the thinking in this city. This is a city that gets lots of hurricane warnings they’ve been through this before, but in the situation of one it packed a real wall of did some real damage to the city, so officials across Halifax across Nova, Scotia really getting out in front of this there’s Hydro, Crews that are already out and places across the province people have been brought in from Alberta from Ontario to help. The debris is a real issue: Michael large Construction, surreally precautions have been taken there and it’s that backyard safety equipment, basketball nets. You know the stuff that you see in backyards that really needs to be tied down to be sure that it doesn’t blow around cuz. It’S a free is really what the dangerous thing is here. Dimensions off the top of evacuation orders, nothing mandatory. Yet, as this has been upgraded to a category two, but in those very susceptible a more vulnerable areas along the Nova Scotia Coast, I told you know what it’s probably a good idea. If you leave it’s just voluntary at this point, but here’s what officials are saying the residents of themselves, they know their property, so we would recommend that they self evacuate if they have nowhere else to go. But we are really concerned, like I said, with the with the waves coming up in the storm surge, that we are expecting the good news about the storm. Although I said 10 to 12 meter waves, it is coming in at low tide and should that shift at all and it comes in a tie by then we can expect you know much bigger and and worsening conditions along the coast. So that is our biggest concern with the people that live out. That way is we urge you, you know your property and how close you are to the water and if you do not feel that a safe and please yourself to somewhere where it is safe. On the Inland to Hurricane – and you can feel some of the things that come with that upgrade rate on the ground, you can really feel the conditions increasing and they’re saying that the actual the real teeth of this storm isn’t going to hit Halifax until about 5. So this is just the outer bands, but you can really feel city of this storm, intensifying the wind, the rain. And if you look around here, if you look down along the Waterfront at here in the Halifax, you really don’t see anybody everyone taking a precaution seeking Higher Ground the safety of being out of these violent winds and rain. Michael okay, Jamie TNT operator. Thank you. Stay safe, I will speak again, are Jamie’s crashing in Halifax. Well, let’s now go to CBC meteorologist Jays call and he is in Charlotte soundtracking doors program as it makes its way to the maritimes and Atlantic Canada to us through the situation that you’re observing right now. In PEI, listen to that track, the upgrade to Category 2 status mean sustained winds right now, with Dorian over 160 km per hour and gusts to 195 kilometers per hour near the center of that storm expected to make landfall in Halifax around 8. This evening, auditions will deteriorate now and through that time and they’ll be looking at likely still a very strong category. One on the cusp of Category 2 status as it makes landfall around the Halifax area, will be seeing our brush or potentially a crossing over eastern PA. I’Ll buy the right while Blakely a post-tropical, Dory and still producing hurricane strength winds late this evening, but conditions over the next few hours will continue to deteriorate here as well. You left behind me. You can see the marina at Peak ski Wharf in downtown Charlottetown to get a spot to dock your boat in this Marina. As you can see, a lot of the boats or out of the water and you’ve got a lot of availability. The ones that are going to be staying in the harbor have been moved more into the harbor and a hoping for better shelter there. As I move from the Mirena, I don’t over the water if this will be looking over the Hillsborough River and to Charlottetown Harbour, see the water’s already starting to become shopping, as those winds are picking up conditions around Pei. I will continue to deteriorate deteriorate that over the next few hours, a tropical storm is in effect for all three County, so the entire Island here on pei and for Eastern areas are hurricane watch is still in effect, as there is the potential for Hurricane strength win. So the impacts here will generally be sustained winds of 60 km per hour or higher will be look winds, gusting upwards of 90 to 120 km per hour. Eastern areas could see sustained winds over a hundred kilometers per hour up till 1:20 and Gus to be on that, depending on the track of Dorian, and that is all in addition to heavy rain. So not are the risk of coastal flooding with a storm surge warning. In effect, particularly along our North Shore, but we are also looking at the risk of Inland flooding with anywhere from 50 to over a hundred millimeters of rain possible heaviest of that rainfall looking to fall, dinmore Western areas is Michael will be to the east already in The Halifax area, a hurricane, a hurricane warning, and that is because they will be dealing with the landfall of at least a very strong category one, but taking a look back into New Brunswick as well. This storm is so large in size that they’ll be dealing with tropical storm-force winds across a large swath of Eastern New Brunswick under a tropical storm warning, Southern and Eastern New Brunswick and their advisors across that entire Province. As calling somebody a shape or another either lost. Be looking at extremely heavy rain, so down and just other Nova Scotia local rainfall amounts could easily exceed 150 mm in places could be looking at rainfall in excessive 100 mm in parts of Southern and Eastern New Brunswick 12th and Huron PD. I already talked about 200 millimeters of rain possible over Western areas, but this one will not be done as it moves over Pei. It will still be producing hurricane-strength wins as a post-tropical Dorian as it moves towards Newfoundland. So Newfoundland was he the first raindrops late this afternoon or early this evening, but really it’s overnight hours into Sunday morning that they’ll be looking at their strongest winds, maybe not as heavy as rain will fall in here in the maritimes for Newfoundland. The winds will be very dusty along the western shores of Newfoundland and there is a hurricane I’m warning in effect, they’re down., As we look from the northern Peninsula down the west coast to the port of a scary, a wreck Osteria with those wins, I’m sure it Will be roaring through as that storm approaches into Sunday and along the SL Coast as well. There is a risk of a storm surge as well a big storm all of Atlantic Canada racing for this one appreciate the information from you Jason. Thank you for this. So stay safe, RJ Scotland in Charlottetown, says he is also watching the storm. Take a look at them better. He quotes Ralph Goodale & chief of Defence staff, General Jonathan Vance about the latest information on Hurricane Dorian. The safety of Canadians is our number one priority and we are ready help Atlantic Canada through this door.
Tens of thousands of residents in Atlantic Canada are without power as Category 2 Hurricane Dorian blows through the region, knocking down trees and stirring up large waves.

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