Hurricane Dorian hits Bahamas, bears down on Florida

Hurricane Dorian hits Bahamas, bears down on Florida
Hurricane Dorian hits Bahamas, bears down on Florida
Hurricane Dorian still has the Bahamas and its grips, and it’s already blamed for 1 deaths are the storms next stop. Florida Dorian has weakened slightly moving down from a category 5 to a category four, but the state he’s urging people to heed the mandatory evacuation orders. In effect in nine counties ordered to evacuate, you need to do that from Palm Beach County. All the way up to NASA go to Georgia border all those Coastal counties on have issued evacuation orders and – and it is important that residents heed those calls Heavy Rain. An 8-meter storm surge has created flooding, that’s expecting lean bad in low-lying areas as the Bahamas gets flashed. Here’S a look at just how soon Florida can expect. If that storm you can see. As we mentioned, the hurricane has now been downgraded to just slightly, though, to a category four. It’S still expected to be packing dangerous winds, well, over 200 km, an hour when it hits the US mainland tomorrow morning we’re going to keep an eye on that. For you already, dorian’s outer bands are being felt in selfies Florida. That’S where cbc’s David knows he’s in West Palm Beach. So David tell us what the you they’ve already boarded up. That’S that building this entire neighborhood has got plywood off on all the windows. Many of the doors, and that really is critical if you’re going to stay in your home to be able to protect, does Windows to protect against water. That might come in understand that we’re actually been 10 kilometers off the coastline, and yet there is still a danger here. When you talk about a category 4 storm that packs an incredible punch could bring down the electrical wires and they’re just down the road. There are thousands of power utility vehicles on standby, 16,000 power workers that have been brought in stage in a particular area, waiting for Dorian to move in through Florida, and then so they can come back and restore power. What we understand, particularly with this it is that there is a danger, and so, as a result, many people are being ordered out of their homes are on the Barrier Island we’re going to take the brunt of this storm, but before it makes its turn northward in The Atlantic, those those communities have been told you have to get out. If you are going to stay, then it’s completely on your own. The police are going to be able to come and help you. If I depart Tree of Life to help you – and we really are in those final moments – are the stores around here of now shut down. We see that gas stations have run dry. Many many many gas stations are run dry. You can’t go to the store anymore. Most of them are closed, but it get. If you do, they do Dry Goods, they don’t have gas cans. Don’T have the things that you would need if you weren’t prepared. Yet in many ways it is now too late because we’re going to begin to see a little bit of rain now, starting here we get it in bands, you know. Sometimes you can be a beautiful Florida day and then pounding it’s. These bands he’s waves that come in, and so the wind could pick up. This could last 5 minutes and then died down when the main part hits is going to be a completely different story Hannah slowly. Can you tell us more about the trajectory of the store? Now expected it going to make a turn northward and head up the Atlantic to the eye of the storm itself will not, in fact short some might fear. As it turns North, it could begin to strike throughout the coastal 40 + communities then into Georgia. The Carolinas even into Virginia, but the problem with the trajectory is even though we’re within the 24 no. We’re we’re now going to feel the punch. It is not certain we’re waiting for that turn to happen, and it’s possible that won’t, if it doesn’t. This is going to be extraordinary, really bad, because it’s going to come barreling into here, please, David Common in West Palm Beach Florida thanks a lot David
Hurricane Dorian has pummelled the Bahamas, causing mass destruction on the island. The storm’s top sustained winds decreased to 249 km/h late Monday, reducing it to a still-powerful Category 4 storm. In the United States, the U.S. National Hurricane Center extended watches and warnings across the Florida and Georgia coasts.

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